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Strategic Planning

Core to any institution’s growth is solid planning. At Middle Georgia State University, we pride ourselves on using input from local and regional leaders, the businesses who will be employing our graduates, and – of course – our faculty, staff, and students in the creation of our strategic plans. Below, you will find details about MGA’s strategic planning efforts, constantly updated as our plans grow and change with the needs of our students and our communities.

Strategic Plan Updates[expand]

As the 2016-17 Academic Year progresses we will be providing updates on the status of the University's strategic plan. Each update will consist of an executive summary and a more detailed downloadable Power Point Presentation.

Fourth Quarter 2016-2017 Update

[+] Executive Summary
  • Growth
    • 1 action item complete
    • 3 action items in process
  • Students
    • 6 action items complete
  • People
    • 4 action item complete
    • 1 action items in process
  • Fiscal
    • 3 action items and 1 sub-item complete
    • 1 sub-item in process
  • Knowledge
    • 1 action item complete
    • 4 sub-item in process

Click here to view the detailed update as a PDF Document.

Click here to download the detailed update as a Power Point Presentation.

Year 2: Greatness in the Making[expand]

Our strategic priorities for the 2016-17 Academic Year have been shaped by input from our faculty and staff. Our priorities are centered on five main areas - click on each area below to find out what faculty and staff said, and what MGA’s next steps in that area will be:

[+] Growth
  • What faculty and staff told us: Plan and assess
  • What we will do in 2016-17:
    1. Academic Affairs will finalize our Academic Master Plan in September 2016
    2. Recruitment & Marketing will lead in creation of a Strategic Enrollment Plan
    3. Academic Affairs will successfully launch two more graduate programs—the MS in Management and MA in Teaching
    4. Academic Affairs will seek program accreditations, beginning with the School of Business
[+] Students
  • What faculty and staff told us: Support and engage students
  • What we will do in 2016-17:
    1. Student Affairs will implement a new programming model focused on life skills, wellness, service learning, community building, diversity, and scholarship, including launch of a Student Leadership Conference
    2. Student Affairs will strengthen Athletics with designation as an NAIA 5-Star Champions of Character Institution
    3. Academic Affairs will increase underrepresented students’ participation in study abroad and welcome our first exchange group from Northampton University
    4. Experiential Learning@MGA will expand and launch a multi-campus service learning effort
[+] People
  • What faculty and staff told us: Invest in employees and improve the climate
  • What we will do in 2016-17:
    1. Human Resources will implement changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in a planned and thoughtful manner
    2. Investment in Faculty & Staff Working Group will develop actionable items to address the ModernThink Climate Survey results
    3. Human Resources will launch Leadership Training for mid-level faculty and staff
    4. Ad Hoc Committee in the Academic Assembly will begin implementation of Diversity recommendations
    5. Compliance Commission will work through university governance to develop and strengthen institutional policies
[+] Finances
  • What faculty and staff told us: Be efficient and engage faculty and staff
  • What we will do in 2016-17:
    1. Fiscal Affairs will shift from stabilization of our enrollment and economic decline to planning a new approach with:
      1. Development of a new potential budget process and model and
      2. Operating through more de-centralized budget functions in divisions and schools, with a possible start of FY18
    2. University Advancement will begin a 3-year Capital Campaign that includes:
      1. Several multi-million dollar proposals in its first year
      2. A robust Faculty & Staff campaign, which kicks off in September 2016
    3. Office of the President will engage in legislative relations year-round to seek funding of key programs, including our Aviation Strategic Plan
[+] Knowledge
  • What faculty and staff told us: Improve, evaluate and modify technology
  • What we will do in 2016-17:
    1. Academic Affairs will develop a Performance Management Plan that strategically uses technology to provide:
      1. Data-driven decision making
      2. Better service to students
      3. More efficient use of faculty and staff time
      4. Tools to measure and communicate performance, including a Strategic Plan website including KPI’s by mid-October, linking assessment cycles to planning
    2. Academic Affairs will finalize Advisory Boards for each School/College
    3. Office of the President will empanel a University Advisory Board comprised of regional and statewide leaders

On September 9, 2016, President Blake addressed the University about these strategic priorities. See his address here:

Year 1: Greatness Begins Here[expand]

Strategic Plan Successes: Convocation 2016

Middle Georgia State Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Click on the above image to open the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan in your browser, or click here to download/print a PDF version.

At the Fall 2015 Convocation, Middle Georgia State University announced its 2015-18 Strategic Plan, entitled “Greatness Begins Here.” Outlined in this plan were 47 strategic priorities, grouped into five categories:

  • Quality and Distinctiveness of Student Success
  • Academic Reputation, Flagship Programs, and Community Outreach
  • Technology for a 21st Century University
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • The MGA Community of Faculty and Staff

Over the 2015-16 Academic Year, the MGA administration, faculty, and staff focused their attention on these 47 priorities. As of September 2016, MGA is proud to report that:

  • 70% (29) of the action items have been completed;
  • 26% (16) are currently in progress continuing into 2016-17; and
  • 4% (only 2 action items) were found to be not feasible at this time after further analysis.

To see MGA’s progress on the 2015-18 “Greatness Begins Here” plan, click on the image to the above. In this document, you’ll find the original Strategic Plan, marked with icons reflecting the status of each strategic initiative for Year 1 (2015-16). A green checkmark means an initiative is complete, a yellow arrow indicates the initiative is in progress, an arrow and a check means we completed an important first step on the initiative last year, and a red “x” means an initiative is not feasible at this time.

The number in parenthesis following each item refers to the Year 2 (2016-17) initiative that will build upon our progress as we move forward together. Look at the video above to see examples of how far we have already come!

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