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Procedure/Process for Entering Faculty Information into Compliance Assist and Printing Term Rosters

  1. The Office of Academic Affairs receives a faculty file containing official transcript(s) upon faculty hire and assignment to teach a course.
    • A transcript is official (a) when it arrives unopened at the Office of Academic Affairs, Dean of the School, or Chair of the Department.
    • The receiving office opens the envelope, stamps the date received on all pieces including envelope, and logs the transcript received.
    • When Deans and Chairs receive a transcript, the transcript is opened, stamped or signed date received and forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs. When the Office of Academic Affairs receives the official transcript, it is stamped date received and logged.
  2. The Office of Academic Affairs copies the official transcript.
  3. A Faculty Information for Compliance Assist form is completed and serves as the source document for entering a faculty record into Compliance Assist.
  4. The completed Faculty Information for Compliance Assist form and official transcript(s) are forwarded to the Office of Administrative Specialist.
  5. The administrative specialist creates a faculty record in Compliance Assist using information contained on the Faculty Information for Compliance Assist form.
  6. The official transcript(s) is scanned into a PDF, redacted, saved to the shared drive, and uploaded into the Compliance Assist faculty record.
  7. The administrative specialist enters degree(s) from official transcripts into Compliance Assist.
  8. The source document (Faculty Information for Compliance Assist form) is bound in a faculty information source document notebook housed in the administrative specialist’s office.
  9. The administrative specialist files official transcript(s) in fire proof file cabinet on 2nd floor, Administration Building.
  10. All faculty data should be entered into Compliance Assist before classes begin for a respective semester.
  11. Immediately after Drop/Add date the Institutional Effectiveness Fellow runs a Banner Job to extract the schedule.
  12. The extracted schedule is reformatted in an Excel spreadsheet and sent to Compliance Assist for uploading. Faculty who do not have a faculty record in Compliance Assist are identified by the people at CampusLabs and must be corrected before the file can be completely uploaded. A list of missing faculty is sent to the Assistant Vice President of Planning and Policy.

Once Compliance Assist has completed the upload, rosters can be printed and reviewed.

  LAST MODIFIED: 12/15/2014