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Getting Items in Print Catalog

To get items in the annual Academic Catalog:

  1. The author will follow the Middle Georgia State University (MGA) curriculum approval calendar as posted online at
  2. Items to be included in the printed MGA academic catalog are received by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy.
  3. The items are approved using the established process as outlined in the Faculty Handbook, MGA curriculum development and approval process at, and using the appropriate forms found at
  4. When approved the items are entered into a draft catalog.

At such time that all items have been approved, received, and entered into the draft catalog, sections are sent electronically to the respective department chair or dean to proof for accuracy and to return by an established turn-around time.

The draft catalog is then edited and becomes the Academic Catalog document that is uploaded to the web

  LAST MODIFIED: 6/22/2015