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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the MGA History Program:
What is a bachelor of arts in history?
The B.A. in history offers two tracks. The history education track is designed to prepare students to teach high school, while the traditional history track is aimed at preparing students for a variety of other career options. In either track, students study primary sources extensively and learn to read critically and write analytically.
Can I get my degree at any campus?
Middle Georgia State students have an excellent campus in Warner Robins to begin any baccalaureate that the college offers, including the new history degree. Once the core curriculum is completed at WRC, students will be able to continue their junior and senior course work at the Macon campus.
You can now receive your B.A. in History completely through face-to-face courses at our Cochran campus.
Do you offer any online history courses?
Some of the introductory history courses are offered online.
Can I major in just American history, or some other specialized field of history?
Both tracks require that students take a minimum of twelve credit hours in U.S. history and a minimum of 18 credit hours of non-U.S. history. Students in the traditional history track can choose their remaining history courses based on their interest.
If I start taking classes in the middle of the year or take only a few courses at a time, will it take too long to get my degree?
All degrees take time to finish, but many part-time students finish in five or six years. Remember that not all courses are offered at all locations each semester. What is most important is that students plan closely with their advisers, being certain to complete the required courses as they are scheduled.
What can I use my history degree for if I do not want to become a teacher?
Traditionally, history majors have been employed in historical site interpretation, research, historic preservation or archival and museum work. The largest association of professional historians in the world, the American Historical Association, reports that many history majors also find careers in broadcasting, politics, government service, non-profit organizations, and lobbying, among other areas. A history degree is also a very popular way to prepare for law school or graduate school (Schultz et al, Careers for Students of History).
Will I have to take foreign language courses?
Since the study of foreign language is essential to any thorough education in history, we encourage students to enjoy and value their exposure to a second language. All history majors must take six credit hours in a foreign language. Students who are considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to take at least twelve credit hours in a foreign language.
Can I transfer to Middle Georgia State University from a private college where I'm currently studying history?
Of course. There's a very good chance that most of your history courses will transfer. Students sometimes have to take a few core courses as prerequisites when they transfer.
Why should I get my history degree at Middle Georgia State University?
Middle Georgia State University has a long-established reputation for academic rigor in its degree programs. We have faculty with top-notch scholarly credentials. The five individuals who hold the rank of assistant professor of history at Middle Georgia State University have published eight books and approximately one hundred refereed journal articles, book chapters and similar works.

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