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Math Olympics

To foster mathematical education in the Middle Georgia area, the Middle Georgia State University Department of Mathematics is proud to sponsor once again our annual High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Math Tournament on the MGA campus. The tournament consists of two challenging rounds: A written test and team problem solving (ciphering). This year the tournament was held on Friday, March 15, 2013 in the PSC Building.
Each individual winner will be awarded a plaque, and a scholarship to attend Middle Georgia State University. The scholarship amounts are:

  • 1st place: $700
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $300
  • 4th place: $150

Team winners will each be awarded a trophy for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.
See the information below for details of the competition. For additional information, please feel free to contact the Math Olympics coordinator, Dr. David Vogel at .


  • Competition Information
  • Schedule
  • FAQ

Competition Information

The competition will be held at two levels: Varsity (students currently enrolled in Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry or Calculus); Junior Varsity (students currently enrolled in Geometry or Algebra II).

At the Varsity level, competition will consist of two parts: an individual competition in the morning and a team competition in the afternoon. Schools may bring more than one varsity team. The junior varsity teams will compete on the written test only. Limited space will require that each school bring only one junior varsity team. The use of graphics or scientific calculators will be permitted in the individual session but not in the team session.

The morning session will consist of a 50 multiple-choice question test which each team member will take. Each question answered correctly will be worth 1 point. A maximum of 200 points could be scored by a team in this session.

Following lunch, varsity teams will participate in a ciphering contest with 12 questions. For each team of four students, the coach will designate two pairs of students, and each pair will answer six ciphering questions. A time limit will be set for each ciphering question. If a team arrives at the correct answer in the first half of that time limit, it will receive 20 points. If the team arrives at the correct answer in the second half of that time limit, it will receive 10 points. Hence, there will be a total of 240 points possible for each team in this part of the competition.

Overall, there will be a total of 440 possible points for each varsity team. Awards will be given to the highest scoring individuals and the highest scoring teams. In addition, each varsity participant will receive a Math Olympics T-shirt. Awards will be given to the junior varsity team with the most total points earned on the written exam.


Note: All participants should be at the Middle Georgia State University Conference Center Banquet Room. Access to the Conference Center is obtained through the 2nd floor of the Charles H. Jones Builiding on the Macon Campus (near the West Campus Parking) no later than 8:30 AM.

8:15 – 8:45Registration
8:45 – 9:00Welcome and Announcements
9:15 – 11:00Individual Session
Coach Coffee
11:00 – 12:15Lunch
12:15 – 12:30Door-Prizes Drawing
12:30 – 2:00Ciphering Session
2:15 – 2:30Awards


What happens if a team member cannot make it to the ciphering test? Can a team member from the other team replace him/her?
Answer: No. The remaining member of the pair will cipher alone.

Can a team member from the Junior Varsity team take the place of a Varsity team for the ciphering test?
Answer: Yes. This change must be made at registration on the day of the tournament.

Can an alternate take the written test?
Answer: Yes. The score will not be counted in the team score.

What happens if a coach wishes to challenge an answer on the written or ciphering test?
Answer: The coach should immediately contact a tournament director.

What happens if there is a tie on the written test?
Answer: The student with the most correct answers before making an error breaks the tie.

What happens if the students don’t write the team number on the answer sheet?
Answer: A team will not be given credit when the team number is not on the answer sheet.

May the students go to the rest room during the test?
Answer: Yes. Only one student may be excused from the room at a time.

What happens if schools are closed due to a weather emergency on the day of the tournament?
Answer: Coaches should check news and/or radio broadcasts. If participating school systems or Middle Georgia State University has cancelled classes, the tournament will be cancelled.

Can a team get a t-shirt for a team member who does not show up for the tournament?
Answer: No. Students must participate in the tournament to earn a t-shirt.

Can the students use any calculator?
Answer: Yes and no. The students can use a calculator for the written test in the morning but not for the ciphering test in the afternoon.

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