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Book Buyback

The Campus Store has book buyback during final exam week at the end of each semester for the upcoming semester. The purpose of this is to give the student top dollar for textbooks that they no longer need while allowing the store to purchase books needed for the upcoming semester. A daily buyback is offered at the Macon, Cochran, and Warner Robins campuses and all full time employees can provide this service for students. Please note that textbook buyback is only offered at the end of the semester at Dublin and Eastman locations.

For books on the buyback list (books that are needed for the next semester), students can generally receive up to half of their purchase price. For books that are not on the buyback list, the visiting representative from a national wholesale company will determine the amount to be paid based on national demand.

If a book is not on the buyback list, the reasons could be one of the following:

  • The Campus Store has not received a written request from the division for classroom use of the book for next semester.
  • The book is an old edition, study guide, workbook, lab manual, or programmed text.
  • The Campus Store has bought back the limit based on what the division feels will be their class enrollment.
  • Fill-in workbooks cannot be reused. Books that have excessive writing, are torn, have missing pages, or have water damage will not be bought back. Access codes cannot be bought back. Books with access codes are only bought back at the discretion of Campus Store employees.
  • The Campus Store cannot purchase instructor's copies, complimentary copies, or international editions.
  • In a few cases, The Campus Store is overstocked.

No receipt is required to sell your books back to The Campus Store.

Please note that some textbooks do not have any buyback value. The value of your textbook will be determined by the wholesale representative based on national demand.

If you have any questions about textbook buyback, please call The Campus Store for assistance.


  LAST MODIFIED: 6/18/2015