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Faculty/Staff Campaign 2016

Each of us has a passion. It may be related to family, work, friends, or other interests. The passion we share at Middle Georgia State every day helps make it a great place to work, learn and serve. Our gifts in support of its mission encourage others to recognize that MGA reaches far beyond its campus boundaries.

Each year, the Faculty and Staff Campaign encourages us to pause and take notice of the impact of private support on our University. With each campaign, there is an underlying reason for giving. Some of us give to support student scholarships. Others give to help enhance our classrooms and the quality of our programs. Or we give to support efforts that cannot be paid for with state funds. Whatever reason we choose to contribute, we all give because we genuinely care about the educational mission of Middle Georgia State University and the students we serve.

Many have made a commitment to this effort already, and we are extremely thankful! For those who are new to Middle Georgia or have not yet thought about making a gift, please consider participating in the 2016 Annual Faculty and Staff Campaign. Having a high percentage of faculty and staff members that endorse the university in this way says that we care about the institution and want to see it thrive. This commitment speaks volumes to our community, our donors and our students.

Last year, 412 Faculty & Staff contributed $87,450 to the Foundation’s Annual Campaign. Thank you for your support!

Our Goal for 2016 is $85,000.

You can help make a difference at MGA by supporting your passion in a variety of ways.

Remember, payroll deduction is the easiest form of giving.

  • $5 per month = $60 annual gift
  • $10 per month = $120 annual gift
  • $20 per month = $240 annual gift
  • $50 per month = $600 annual gift
  • $90 per month = $1,080 annual gift – A gift this size would qualify you as a member of the “President’s Circle.” 34 members of our faculty and staff were members last year. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about our scholarships, click here.

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University & Campus Programs

  • Athletic Program Support
  • Convocation
  • Peer Financial Counseling Program
  • Scholarship Recognition Luncheon
  • Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens
  • Georgia Humanities Council
  • Death & Dying Seminars
  • Sky Camp
  • Junior Knight Summer Camp
  • Regional and Statewide Mathematics Tournaments
  • University Rebranding
  • Annual Visitation Days
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • GAMES Scholarships and Program Support
  • Media, Culture & Arts Program Support
  • Experiential Learning@MGA
  • Library Support
  • Living History Tour
  • Presidential Scholarships
  • President’s Circle Reception
  • School of Business CPA Conferences
  • School of Business Executive Lecture
  • School of Education Support
  • School of Health Sciences Pinning Ceremony
  • Senior Capstones
  • Stories from Great Recession
  • Student Graduation Assistance Fund
  • Student Scholarships
  • Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Torch Society Scholarship
  • Homecoming 2015 Events
  • International Food Festival - Warner Robins
  • Family Fun Knight - Dublin
  • Knights International Festival - Cochran
  • Heart of Georgia Air Show - Eastman
  • Endowed Chairs in IT and Business
  • Enrollment Management Support
  • Annual Retiree Reception
  • Faculty & Staff Awards
  • Faculty and Staff Support
  • Faculty Senate
  • Graduation Luncheon
  • HR Benefits Fair
  • Retiree Luncheon

Give to Greatness

I give to the Faculty/Staff Campaign because I believe in what we do every day at our University. By giving to our Faculty/Staff Campaign I contribute to areas of the University that can directly impact others in a positive way; whether that be a student, an organization, an event, a scholarship, a cause, “in honor of,” or “in memory of,” an individual who has/had a special meaning to me. I can designate the specific fund to which I plan to give, and it’s easy to give. Just sign a card and designate the contribution as one-time donation, payroll deduction, check, credit/debit card, or pledge. I give to “Pay it Forward” to the future of our University.

– Henry Whitfield, Director - Cochran and Eastman Campuses, Faculty/Staff Co-chair

I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago, and although I have always loved (and still love) my native land and culture, I always knew that I wanted a university education abroad so I could broaden my horizons, have different experiences from what I was accustomed to, and be introduced to new perspectives. I wanted to be able to learn more and do some great things. However, I also knew that these dreams of mine would be financially impossible without monetary assistance. Thanks to a full scholarship from Claflin University, I was afforded the opportunity to come to the United States as an international student and earn my Bachelor’s degree. Then, in order to earn my MBA, Ohio University offered me a teaching assistant position that covered tuition and included a stipend that would cover other expenses. Finally, I was awarded a full fellowship at Louisiana State University so I could earn my PhD. My academic accomplishments and many of my career and life accomplishments were certainly made possible by God, hard work, and generous individuals who selflessly gave so students like me could have that chance to follow their dreams and succeed. Indeed, giving changes lives! My life was changed for the better, and together, we can change lives too. Even if my story is not the same as yours, I am sure that you have benefited from someone else's generosity at some point in your life. Let's pay it forward so our students can have the opportunity to be great and do great things. Let’s give to greatness!

– Dr. Simone Phipps, Assistant Professor of Management, Co-chair of the Faculty/Staff Campaign

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