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Caelan Strickland

Caelan Strickland '16, B.S Biology

“The sciences are growing at Middle Georgia. Previously, what was offered was mostly pre-med; now other avenues are opening up.”

For Caelan Strickland, the most interesting of those avenues is field biology.

“My zoology class is doing fieldwork right on campus,” says Caelan. “We’re capturing yellow-bellied slider turtles in the lake and marking them to get a baseline for the population. Future classes will be able to use that data.”

As for his professors, Caelan will tell you that they keep him accountable.

“I’ve always felt challenged here,” he says. “There’s never been an easy A or a situation where I was told, ‘Here’s a simple project, just go do it.’ But I knew the reputation of Middle Georgia State going in. I didn’t expect a walk in the park!”

His research interest is in mammal conservation, particularly big cats. Fieldwork could take him anywhere from Amazonian Brazil (to study jaguars) to Indonesia and Thailand (to track down tigers).

“Ultimately, I’d like to focus on tigers,” says Caelan. “They’re the most endangered.”

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  LAST MODIFIED: 5/12/2016