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Fred Baker

Frederick Baker ’16, B.S. Psychology

“In high school I was a follower. Here, I’ve been pushed to be a leader.””

As it turns out, leadership ability is something Frederick Baker had in him all along. At Middle Georgia he’s a senator in the Student Government Association and a member of the President’s Torch Society.

“The Torch Society is new,” says Frederick. “The idea is that great leaders pass the torch – and that campus leaders should lead both in the school and in the community.”

Helping him become that kind of leader? A faculty that “feels like a family.”

“Professors genuinely want to help us grow,” he says. “To me, that’s what college is all about: being in an environment where you grow as a person overall.”

Frederick hopes to be on a teaching track himself someday, ideally as a college professor doing social psychology research on the side.

“Greatness is personal,” he says. “No one should try to be ‘greater’ than someone else. It’s about being greater than your former self.”

Find your greatness.

  LAST MODIFIED: 5/12/2016