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Jadel Toussaint '17, Information Technology

“Being here means a lot to me. Having the opportunity to further my education is just tremendous.”

Jadel Toussaint first came to Middle Georgia State for a soccer tryout. And while he still loves soccer, he’s found other things to be passionate about at MGA.

“The professors! They’re great; they’re always so willing to meet with students outside of class. Coaches and staff will also go way out of their way to help. That’s just the culture here.”

Another important part of the culture? Getting a lot out of all your classes, not just the ones associated with your major.

“My English composition professor is the best. Even though she pushes you, you know it’s for your own good. And she’s funny!”

After MGA? Jadel sees himself working in IT – and playing soccer at a higher level.

“Greatness to me is striving to be the best at everything you do. Middle Georgia State helps me do that.”

Find your greatness.

  LAST MODIFIED: 5/12/2016