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Jamila Rozier

Jamila Rozier '07 A.S.N, '09 B.S.N., M.S.N. NP from the University of Alabama (currently working at Compassionate Care Hospice)

“My experience has made me want to say to young women, ‘You CAN do this. You can take your life in any direction. The sky’s the limit.’”

“I’m the first person from my family to graduate from college,” says Jamila Rozier. “It is do-able! That’s the message I want to spread.”

While Jamila felt that she didn’t have strong test-taking skills, she believed MGA saw her potential and saw beyond her SAT scores.

“The college had the reputation of being hard, but I discovered right away that getting access to my professors was easy. And there were so many resources: I could always find a tutor, check out a laptop from the library, locate what I needed.”

She earned her master’s in adult gerontology and is currently considering doctoral programs. She attributes her success to the opportunities she found at MGA – and to her own drive.

“I might have wanted it more than other people. To me greatness is excelling against the odds.”

Find your greatness.

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