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Sarah Hollifield '15, Information Technology with concentrations in Software Development and Game Design & Development

“My best friend kept saying, ‘You’re smart enough to go to Tech – why don’t you transfer?’”

“That was my original plan, to be honest, but once I got here, it just felt right. I’ve been so blessed to work with the professors I have at Middle Georgia State.”

Middle Georgia faculty members Dr. Myungjae Kwak, Dr. Kevin Floyd and Professor Johnathan Yerby worked closely with Sarah developing her much-praised serious game (i.e. teaching tool), Digital Forensics Interactive. Yerby and Kwak then accompanied her to present at the HI TECH conference in Chicago.

“It’s been amazing,” she says. “They point me in the right direction and then I’m encouraged to make leaps forward on my own.

“I love creating software and solving problems, but I also want to be involved with something that’s fun. A game has endless possibilities – teaching, entertaining, inspiring.

“I’ve already accomplished more here than I ever thought possible. And Middle Georgia State is growing so much. That’s exciting to be around.”

Find your greatness.

  LAST MODIFIED: 5/12/2016