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Sylvia Moore Myers

Sylvia Moore Myers '14, Business Management and IT

“Whatever you think is standing in your way, it’s just an excuse. Push it aside. Climb over it. Get past it.”

For Sylvia Moore Myers, going back to school (as a busy wife and mom) was going to be a challenge.

“I needed ‘close to home’ and ‘online when possible.’ And I knew Middle Georgia State would be convenient. Not easy, but convenient.” At Middle Georgia State, there are a lot of students just like Sylvia.

“We’re working, raising families, going to school. And we run the age gamut from 18 to 81.”

Sylvia is also a model for doing, well, more. In addition to being sales manager and an associate broker at Exit Realty, she runs a commercial and residential property management company and is in the process of starting her own real estate school.

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. To me, greatness means reaching for the top. But it’s also about empowering other people.”

Find your greatness.

  LAST MODIFIED: 5/12/2016