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Xaviea Brown '17, New Media and Communications

“My experience here has taught me valuable life lessons . . .”

Xaviea “Zay” Brown, a New Media and Communications major, is dedicated to the creative arts, especially film.

“My career goal is to be the director of a feature-length film,” said the Middle Georgia State senior. “I want to direct all creative elements of a film, from hiring actors to choosing locations, and make sure that my vision is successfully communicated.”

The University’s film production courses are helping her realize her dream.

“Being in college involves me trying my hardest to acquire the knowledge that I need to move on to the next stage of my life,” she said. “The courses that I’ve decided to take, the amount of work I’ve done, my participation in and out of class, my focus and determination, all of that contributes far more than just a college degree. My experience here has taught me valuable life lessons, in addition to self-discovery.”

Zay further enhanced her education through her internship in the University’s Marketing and Communications Office. The Rhode Island native also got hands-on experience when she and her classmates were invited to produce short documentaries on local citizens who were part of the Civil Rights Movement. Her documentary on retired educator Thelma Dillard was among those screened at the Tubman Museum in Macon..

“Greatness, to me,” said Zay, “is setting an example, being an authentic leader for the people who look up to you.”

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  LAST MODIFIED: 5/27/2016