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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

We do not require appointments except for physical exams. We try to see other patients who do have appointments on schedule, thus better assisting you with time management.

Can I get a Recommendation for an Excuse for class absence if I call in and tell the Nurse Practitioner how sick I am?

A student who utilizes Health Clinic medical services is expected to visit the Health Clinic at times that do not conflict with academic responsibilities. After a patient has been assessed in the Health Clinic, we will provide written documentation stating that the patient was seen in the clinic for illness. An excuse from class can only be granted by the professor of that class.

Why does the Nurse Practitioner sometimes take patients in the treatment room when it is supposed to be my turn?

We try to see patients in the order in which they signed in. However, as in any health care facility, it is sometimes necessary to triage or to see patients based on the severity of their problem.

Can I get the Hepatitis B Vaccine if I am not a nursing student?

We encourage all students to be immunized for Hepatitis B. You may receive the Hepatitis B vaccine in the Health Clinic for a nominal fee.

What infection control precautions do you use at the Health Clinic?

The Middle Georgia State Health Clinic is sensitive to the issue of infection control and follows the standards set by OSHA and CDC. Our clinical staff wears new, disposable gloves with each patient as called for by the procedure. All clinical work surfaces are cleaned according to the schedule in the Exposure Control plan as mandated by OSHA. Reusable equipment is sterilized as appropriate. Disposable equipment is disposed of according to our Infection Control/Exposure Control Plan.

Can I get tested for HIV/AIDS at the Health Clinic?

Yes, The Health Clinic has a trained HIV counselor who can provide education and provide the HIV testing.

Who can use the Health Clinic?

Any student who is registered at Middle Georgia State University for classes is entitled to the services offered at the Health Clinic. Currently employed MGA Faculty and Staff are also entitled to use the Health Clinic. Clinic visits are free to students; however, faculty/staff must pay a nominal fee at the time of each visit.

Can I pay the health clinic and be entitled to Health Clinic services even if I am not enrolled in school.

No, The Health Clinic can only see current Faculty, staff and enrolled students with a valid MGA Knight ID.

Can I get my immunization/health records sent to another college or university?

Yes. We require that you come by the Health Clinic and fill out the appropriate form. This form gives us legal permission to release the information.

What kind of lab tests can I have done at the Health Center?

The Health Clinic offers a variety of laboratory testing, including, but not limited to, on-site glucose, pregnancy and urinalysis testing. In addition we may refer patients to local laboratory facilities other laboratory request.

If a Health Care student is exposed to an active case of TB, what should they do about a skin test?

Any student who is aware of exposure should be skin tested as soon as possible after the exposure. The test is to be repeated in ten to twelve weeks. This can be done at either MGA Health Clinic.

If I am temporarily disabled, can I get special parking privileges?

Contact Disability Services for more information.

Does the Health Clinic staff respond to emergencies on campus?

No, The Health Clinic staff is here to provide minor episodic and acute care. For any emergency that occurs on campus Emergency Medical Services at 911 should be contacted.

  LAST MODIFIED: 10/15/2015