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Frequently Asked Question

Is there a deadline for applying to the Nursing program?
Yes. Nursing, A.S.N. | Nursing, B.S.N.
How do I apply to the Nursing program?
Instructions to apply are on each program's degree page. Nursing, A.S.N. | Nursing, B.S.N.
Are there any pre-requisite courses that must be complete before I apply?
Yes, ASN students must have a "C" or better in BIOL 1114K and MATH 1101 or higher before beginning the nursing program. For BSN, all nursing core curriculum courses must be complete before the beginning of the first semester in the program.
What GPA do I need to maintain to stay in the nursing program?
ASN students must maintain at least a 2.0 to continue in program courses. BSN students must maintain at least a 2.5 to continue in the program.
How many semester hours of the nursing core curriculum must be finished before beginning the program?
For ASN, at least 6 or more semester hours of nursing core and all LS courses must be complete to BEGIN the program. For BSN, all nursing core courses must be complete to BEGIN the nursing program courses.
Are there any nursing core courses that require specific passing grades?
Yes. A "D" is acceptable in all core courses except ENGL 1101, 1102, MATH courses and Area F courses (SOCI 1101/1160 or 2293; BIOL 1114, 1124, 1134, & PSYC 2103).
What do I need to have before applying to the RN-BSN Completion Program?
A current & valid RN license, graduate from basic nursing program within three years or completion of employment verification - OR - completion of validation testing if all three of these apply: ADN/diploma from non NLNAC school outside of GA, AND graduated less than four years ago, AND less than 1000 practice hours in last four years.
How long does it take to complete the Nursing program?
The Nursing Program is two years of core and two years of professional courses.
When are the Nursing Program courses offered?
The Nursing Program offers day courses and clinical only.
Which MSGC students are required to have health insurance?
This requirement applies only to these students:
All international students who are holding F or J visas.
Students enrolled in one of the following programs that already require proof of health insurance:
  • All students admitted to any MGA Nursing program
  • All students admitted to the MGA Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy program. (Students enrolled in 3000 and 4000 level RESP classes are not required to participate in the Student Health Insurance Program.)
  • All students enrolled in HIMT 2750/2850, HIMA 4750, HLSA 4450/4451
Students who are NOT in one of these categories are not required to have health insurance. If you are not an international student, if you have not been officially ADMITTED to the Nursing or to the Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy program, or if you are not enrolled in the courses listed above, you are not eligible for a mandatory policy. See Voluntary Enrollment at
Are there any requirements that I must meet before going to the clinical sites?
Yes. Detailed instructions will be provided to you in the admission acceptance packet. A summary of this information is provided to you here so that you know what to expect.
Administrative Requirements Summary
  1. Urine drug screen must be completed at Macon Occupational Medicine.
  2. History and Physical must be completed at Macon Occupational Medicine.
  3. Immunizations may be obtained at your health department, private physician or other healthcare facility however the immunization documentation must be completed at Macon Occupational Medicine. The TB test is only good for 12 months.
  4. Criminal background check must be completed through Precheck.
  5. Proof of health insurance.
These requirements must be completed before the first day of full session classes otherwise you will be dropped from classes. Also, the urine drug screen and criminal background check are valid for two years. The history and physical, including immunizations, are only valid for one year. Proof of health insurance must be provided every semester that you are enrolled in a clinical course.
I have submitted my application to the Nursing program. What should I do now?
You need to meet with our Nursing Academic Advisor. The advisor will evaluate your transcript to determine what classes you have already taken and then work with you to come up with a plan for you to complete the remainder of the classes. To make an appointment, please call the Department of Nursing at (478) 471-2761.
Is the Nursing program full-time or can I go part-time?
The program is designed for students to go full-time.
I have met my Area D Science Elective courses. Why didn't I receive credit for the second one in the admissions process?
The second lab science elective course must be the lab course & sequence to the first science course taken.
Are nursing program students required to wear uniforms?
Yes. Specifics about uniforms is provided at the Nursing Orientation Session, Part 1.
Can you tell me more about the Critical Thinking Test given?
This test is about decision making and problem solving skills you have learned from life experiences. It is not a pass / fail test. There is no text to study.

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