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Investment in Faculty & Staff to Drive Long Term Excellence Working Group Charter

December 4, 2015

Over a six month period MGA will conduct an internal study intended to identify challenges in recruitment, compensation and retention of faculty and staff. The process will culminate with the development of a 3 – 5 year plan to address the identified challenges.

The first phase of the study will convene a working group composed of faculty and staff, led by the Executive Director of Human Resources. The purpose of the group will be as follows:

  • Diagnose challenges facing MGA in regards to recruitment, compensation, & retention.
  • Determine the key areas of employment development and the importance of each area at MGA;
  • Make and prioritize actionable recommendations.

The group will consist of 16 members including two representatives from the College of Arts & Sciences, a representative from each of the five Schools, a Faculty Senate representative, staff representative from each Vice President’s area (including Academic Affairs), a representative from the President’s Office, Staff Council representative, and the Executive Director of Human Resources.

1 Dr. Barry Monk Chair of Mathematics College of Arts & Sciences Macon
2 Dr. Bob Burnham Professor, History/Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Macon
3 Dr. Carol Sargent Asso. Professor, Accounting School of Business Macon
4 Dr. Sherie Owens Asst. Professor, Education School of Education Macon
5 Dr. Charles Matson Asso. Professor, Respiratory Therapy School of Health Sciences Macon
6 Mr. Johnathan Yerby Asst. Professor, Information Technology School of Information Technology Macon
7 Mr. Martin Kehayes Interim Chair, Aviation School of Aviation Eastman
8 Dr. John Pattillo Asso. Professor, Biology Faculty Senate Macon
1 Dr. Andy Clark Vice Provost, Academic Quality Academic Affairs Macon
2 Ms. Beth Byers Executive Director of Development Advancement Macon
3 Ms. Lee Ann Kirkland Director of Financial Aid Enrollment Management Macon
4 Ms. Erika Dennard Accountant Fiscal Affairs Cochran
5 Ms. Leigh Ann Tribble Director of New/Transfer Students Student Affairs Dublin
6 Ms. Frances Davis University Counsel Office of the President Macon
7 Mr. Ben Mullis Librarian Staff Council Cochran
Dr. Lisa Burroughs Executive Director of Human Resources Working Group Leader Macon

Proposed Timeline

November 2015

  • Initial meeting held with Faculty/Staff Combined Working Group on November 30, 2015

December 2015

  • Develop Webpage to display a schedule of the entire process
  • Each representative should form sub-working groups within their respective areas
    • Diversify sub-working groups to include:
      • A representative from each campus (where possible)
      • General staff and various levels of management
      • Various lengths of service/employment
      • Gender and Race
  • Submit list of sub-working group members to the Executive Director of HR by Dec. 23, 2015

January 2016

  • Meet with sub-groups to determine challenging issues, by January 22, 2016
  • Faculty Working Group and Staff Working Group will meet separately to discuss and prioritize suggestions from sub-groups, during the week of January 25, 2016

February 2016

  • Solicit feedback from numerous other stakeholders and recommendations from all faculty and staff through one-on-one discussions, focus groups, etc.

March 2016

  • University Climate Study
  • Benchmarking Data and Best Practices
    • CUPA – national salary data
    • Other USG Institutions
    • Southeast Region Institutions

April 2016

  • Finalize priorities and develop draft report

May 2016

  • Faculty/Staff Combined Working Group Meeting - TBD
  • Submit Final Report with Recommendations

June 2016

  • 3-5 year plan drafted by the EVP of Finance/Operations, Executive Dir. of HR, and Budget Dir.

Possible Issues for Discussions



  • Hard to Fill Positions
    • Discipline
    • Credentials
    • Resources for Advertising – Journals, Social Media, etc.
    • Faculty Applicant Pool
    • Trailing Spouse/Two-Body Hire Program
    • H-1B Hire - Prevailing Wages
  • Emergency Hires
  • Diversity Recruitment Initiatives (CREDO Recommendation)
    • Race and Gender makeup considerations


  • Compression
    • Possible Ways to Address…
      • Post Tenure Review & Adjustment
      • Length of Service Adjustment (set amount per year, percentage of base salary)
        • Consider dividing salary into different parts
          • Base Salary
          • Promotion Adjustment
          • Other
      • Review the Promotion Adjustments
        • Determine appropriateness
        • What do you do for faculty who were promoted prior to the new promotion amounts
  • Starting Salary for each School
    • Must determine method & frequency of adjustment
    • Need to break out by discipline within each school
    • Method of hiring above minimum
    • Benchmark to CUPA or other
  • Merit vs Market Adjustments
    • Must have connection between evaluations and merit increases
    • Are faculty expectations documented to evaluate against?
  • Hard to recruit faculty disciplines
    • Identify for special recruitment/salary adjustment plan
  • Part Time Faculty Salaries review
  • Other Faculty
    • Document the 10 month/12 month established rules
    • Faculty Overloads – Review
      • When given for other than teaching a course
  • Summer Salaries
    • Overhaul
    • Summer Incentives
  • Administrative Faculty
    • Review Expectations, Teaching Load, Extra pay amount, Other
  • Faculty Release Time
    • Other service requirement if released for education
      • Professional Development Commitment


  • Professional Development
    • Clearly defined tenure track
    • Retention Strategies
    • Succession Planning
    • Cross training, job rotation, job shadowing
    • Professional Development Planning
    • Publications – books, scholarly articles, white papers, etc.
    • Industry Memberships
    • Mentoring Program
    • Leadership Development
    • Other Training Needs
    • Incentives to Develop or Earn Credentials in Critical Need Areas
  • Culture Changes
    • Post-Merger Unity - eliminating the Them v. Us mentality
      • Improving Morale
      • Being more inclusive



  • Critical Positions
  • Diversity Recruitment Initiatives


  • Compression
    • Adjustment Considerations
      • Length of Service adjustment
      • Degree Levels
      • Certifications
      • Other
  • Staff Salary Ranges
    • Levels within the established grades
    • Consistency in titles
    • Adjustment of minimum for each grade
      • Determine method & frequency of adjustment
    • Method of hiring above minimum for top talent
    • Merit vs Market adjustments
      • Must be connection between evaluation and merit increase
      • Must have updated job descriptions for all staff
  • Part Time Staff Salaries
  • TRS Retirees
  • Student Salary Ranges
    • Opportunities for Increases
      • Special Skills
      • Consider Industry and Certification


  • Succession Planning
  • Cross training, job rotation, job shadowing
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Certification/Licensure – Continuing Education Credits
  • Industry Memberships
  • Mentoring Program
  • Leadership Development
  • Annual Performance Evaluation Overhaul for Staff
  • Other Training Needs
  • Creating Promotional Tiers

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