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IT Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete my Math courses online?

Information about the online math requirements can be found at this link:

How long does it take to complete the Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Degree?

There are 120 required credit hours with all courses (except lab sciences) being a 3 credit course; which equates to about 40 courses. There are three semesters per year (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Students are allowed to take up to 18 credit hours per semester, although the general recommendation is for students to take 15-16 credit hours in the Fall and Spring and 6-8 credit hours in the Summer. Other methods to decrease your time to completing your degree include the following:

  • Students may complete up to 40 credit hours through CLEP and DSST exams which has the potential to make the BSIT degree even more affordable and take less time to complete. See the School of IT Guide to CLEP & DSST.
  • Students may transfer college course credit previously earned at other accredited institutions
Who is my advisor?

To determine who your advisor is, log into Banner web, click on the Student tab, View Student Information, then click Submit. You will see your Primary Advisor along with a link to email your Advisor. For freshmen, sophomore and fully-online students your advisor will usually be Ms. Lori Pekny. All other students will be assigned to one of our other Faculty advisors.

Which catalog do I use?

The catalog in effect at the time you declared the Bachelor of Science degree at Middle Georgia State University, provided the catalog is not more than five years old as of the term you plan to graduate. (If the catalog will be more than five years old when you graduate, you must use the current catalog)

What are the requirements to declare the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology?

You must have no Learning Support Advising (LA) or College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) holds. You must not have a GPA below 2.00.

How do I declare a concentration?

To declare your concentration(s) you will complete a change of major form and check up to TWO concentrations. The choices of concentrations are:

  • Network Technologies and Administration
  • Information Assurance & Security
  • Integrated Digital Media
  • Software Development
  • Gaming Design & Development
  • Computer Science
Which courses do I take during my First semester?

Typically Full-time freshmen students take the following courses: English I (ENGL 1101), First-year Seminar (FYES 1001), [Area B elective] History of Computing (ITEC 1001), Introduction to IT (ITEC 2215), and if your SAT Math is 550+ or ACT is 24+ you would take College Algebra (MATH 1111), if your scores are not high enough you would take Math Modeling (MATH 1101). Please take a moment to review the following video explanation.

If I already have a degree from an accredited college; which classes do I need to take?

Transfer students with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree that satisfy Middle Georgia State University’s general education course requirements may complete our Area F (ITEC 2215, ITEC 2260, ITEC 2270, ITEC 2320, and ITEC 2380) and receive partial credit toward IT upper-level electives. You will also complete the 10 courses in the ITEC UPPER DIVISION CORE Requirements plus up to 30 hours of upper level electives.

If you have an associate’s degree from one of the University System of Georgia schools or a bachelor’s degree from an out of state college in a subject other than IT, then the Area F IT courses can be taken or transferred in as 3 credit hours each towards graduation.

Can I graduate with a "D" in an upper-level course?

Beginning with the 2012 academic catalog, a “D” does not count as successfully satisfying a course requirement.

When should I consider petitioning for course substitutions?

The Student Petition for Course Substitution is most commonly used for students with transfer courses that did not transfer in as a course that is required for their degree program. If you’ve taken a course from an accredited college that was taught by an accreditable faculty member and you believe the subject matter is reasonably identical to the course required for your degree program then you would probably consider the petition for course substitution.

How do I complete a Student Petition for Course Substitution?

If you’ve determined that it would be appropriate to complete a petition for course substitution you would first download the Student Petition for Course Substitution form from the college website. You will need to fill out the student information at the top of the form and in the section titled “Petition For”, is where you would provide evidence that the courses are reasonably identical. For example, you’ve taken a course titled Introduction to Networking Systems at an accredited college or university, but the class transferred in as ITEC 9009. You would write a short description of why you believe this course should have transferred in as ITEC 2320 Networking Essentials. You will also need to provide a copy of the course description from the catalog of the school that you took the course at the time that you took the course. If you have a copy of your course syllabus, that could also be provided along with the petition.

After completing the form and providing all of the required documentation you should submit the form to the department or school that teaches the course that you are seeking substitution for.

What happens after I complete a Student Petition for Course Substitution?

The petition will be sent to a subject matter expert for evaluation. Occasionally the evaluator may request additional documentation. The petition will then be approved as is, approved with conditions, or denied and a copy will be sent to the School or department, the registrar, a copy sent to you. If approved with conditions, then the student will be responsible for meeting the conditions.

Does out of state tuition fees apply to fully online students?

Online degree options are expanding at Middle Georgia State University. This has required the implementation of a Distance Learning tuition rate that applies to all students regardless of residency status. The eTuition rate is currently set at $30 per credit hour above the applicable prevailing rate ($124.87 per credit hour for the 2012-2013 academic year). Some fully online courses are offered through the University System of Georgia’s online core curriculum program known as eCore. The eCore program allows students to take core curriculum courses—those generally completed in the freshman and sophomore years—in an online environment. The eCore tuition rate is currently set at $189 per credit hour.

What is the cost of tuition for the Fully-online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology?

You will be able to complete your entire degree online through a combination of MGA's fully online courses and eCore courses. All of your Information Technology courses required will be offered directly through MGA. The required core courses may be offered through MGA online or through eCore. You can get more information about the tuition rates here:

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