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University System Awards Grant to MGA's African-American Male Initiative

Posted: May 05, 2017 into
Author: Kelsei Etchison

CLOSE University System Awards Grant to MGA's African-American Male Initiative

The University System of Georgia’s African-American Male Initiative granted funding to Middle Georgia State University to create an academic success program for African-American male students for the 2017-2018 year.

Dr. Corey Guyton, director of Student Engagement, and Dr. Jennifer Brannon, vice president for Student Affairs, collaborated  to create a proposal for the $20,000 grant, which is designed to help increase academic success and graduation rates among African-American male students at MGA.

The  funding will be applied to Brothers of Leadership and Distinction (BOLD), a student organization. With the backing of the new grant, the organization can expand and take on additional initiatives.

BOLD is involved in a number of activities, including leadership retreats and campus cleanup days. BOLD recently won MGA's student organization of the year award. Members volunteered at this year's Magnolia Soapbox Derby, helping local high school students build their cars for the race.

“MGA was one of nine institutions to receive a grant," Guyton said.

Through BOLD, the African-American Male Initiative Program funding will support tutoring for freshmen, a mentoring program, and attendance at leadership conferences. Participants will receive more intense advising throughout the year to help them keep up their grades and campus involvement.

“BOLD expects to have about 80 members this fall," Guyton said.

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