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Welcome to Middle Georgia State, home of the Knights and a whole lot more! MGA’s new student orientation sessions are designed to help you learn more about the academic and social opportunities our campuses have to offer you. Attending orientation is a crucial step as you transition from high school, another college or university, the military or work. We will introduce you to campus staff who will talk to you about all the resources and services Middle Georgia State dedicates to your success!

Program Content:

Knowledge - Get an overview of what you can expect at Middle Georgia
Niches - Explore opportunities that will allow you to find your greatness
Involvement - Learn about the wide variety of Student Life opportunities
Growth - Gain insight into our campus cultures
Housing - Learn the many benefits of living on campus *
Tools - Get tips on becoming and staying a successful student
Success - Know that your success is our top priority!

Orientation Dates for Students Enrolling for Summer 2017

  • April 27th- 2:00- 4:00- Cochran Campus- Walker Auditorium
  • May 2nd- 2:00- 4:00- Macon Campus- Arts Theatre

       *check-in for both of these dates is at 1:30*

2017 Orientation dates:

  • June 1 - Cochran
  • June 8 - Macon
  • June 15 - Cochran
  • June 22 - WR (10-12)
  • June 22 - Military and Veteran Orientation (6-7:30) *Military/Veterans specific students
  • June 27 - Eastman *Aviation specific students
  • July 6 - Macon
  • July 11 - Dublin
  • July 13 - Eastman *Aviation specific students
  • July 19-20 - Cochran
  • July 25 - WR

Orientation is now open for students enrolling for Fall 2017.
Please click here to register.

  LAST MODIFIED: 4/20/2017