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Mission Statement

The mission of the Risk Management Department is to provide, in unison with the University System of Georgia’s vision, a comprehensive Risk Management program that contributes to the health, safety and protection of employees, students and visitors while also protecting the university’s physical and financial resources and provide loss prevention and control programs and direction while we continue to develop Risk management beyond its current boundaries as the needs of our university evolves, and actively promote and advocate Risk Management as a vital tool for achieving organizational success.


Risk Management is responsible for making safety a top priority throughout the campus community. this is accomplished by performing routine inspections of labs, grounds, shop areas and building safety systems and provides safety reccomendations to departments as necessary. Risk Management also monitors, investigates, and analyzes all Workers Compensation claims to help reduce the reccurence of incidents and injuries.


We have a wide variety of training media available for all employees. Feel free to browse through what we have available by clicking on the training button on the home page, or feel free to give us a call for any training questions or needs.

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