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Facilities Request and Event Registration Form

•  Please fill out completely and thoroughly as possible.

Organization Information:
Organization Name:
Name of Advisor:
Advisor Email:
Advisor Office Phone:
Student Information:
Student Responsible for Event:
Student Email:

Please Note:

Even if you are not requesting facilities or equipment please provide information on your RSO event for record-keeping/calendar purposes.

Event Information:
Please note: If you have a recurring event, i.e., meetings
every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., you MUST enter EACH date
and time for every occurrence.
Date(s) and Times(s) of Event: Date:    Setup Time:    Start Time:    End Time:
Date:    Setup Time:    Start Time:    End Time:
Date:    Setup Time:    Start Time:    End Time:
Date:    Setup Time:    Start Time:    End Time:
Type of Event:

All funds raised must be deposited into an MGA Agency account. The advisor shall take responsibility
for depositing funds into this account by COB on the next business day following the fundraiser and
shall assure that accurate records of receipts and expenditures are kept.

Brief Description of Event:
Please be descriptive as possible. This information will be used when your event is listed on the calendar.
Location Information:
Requested Location:
(Please note if you do
not have a preference)

First Choice:
Second Choice:
Event Details
Source of Funding
Please Approximate:

* - In addition to what the requested location already holds
# of expected target audience:
# of Chairs: *
# of Tables: *   
Please check all that you will need:

The amount provided will be based on your "# of expected target audience"
Will you be requesting catering from the MGA Cafeteria?
(If yes, please complete and submit the Sodexo Catering Order Form and SACT Catering Requisition)

Additional Security Needed?

Groups are responsible for requesting their own AV needs through
the AV Request Form AFTER your meeting space has been approved
and at least 24 hours prior to your event.

All requests must be received in the Office of Student Life
two weeks prior to event date. Once Student Life has confirmed
availability, you and you advisor will be notified. All recognized
Student Organizations must adhere to the Policies and
Procedures found in the Middle Georgia State University Student Handbook.

  LAST MODIFIED: 10/12/2016