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Student Success Center

What is the Student Success Center?

The Student Success Centers (on the Macon, Cochran, Dublin, Eastman, and Warner Robins campuses) exist to provide outside-the-classroom academic assistance to undergraduate and graduate students. The SSCs are staffed with professional and peer tutors. Mr. Steven Svonavec oversees the Dublin SSC; Mr. Brock Giddens oversees the Cochran SSC and Eastman SSC; Mr. Paul Johnson oversees the Macon SSC; and Ms. Jeannie Ruggerio oversees the Warner Robins SSC. In addition to tutoring assistance, the SSCs provide academic success skills workshops, computer labs on multiple campuses, video-streaming services for faculty, email and computer skills assistance for students, printing and scanning resources for students, in-class presentations about the SSCs or academic success topics, study resources for several courses, extended hours to accommodate part-time and non-traditional learners, study rooms for group study, and a very robust website with resources for faculty and students, links to other learning assistance sites, information on the detection and prevention of plagiarism, and online tutorials. Our services are more completely outlined in the tabs below.

Professional and Peer Certified Tutors

In addition to providing content-specific tutoring, our tutors are required to complete a training program certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and seek certification at the Regular, Advanced, and Master levels. The training includes topics such as Ethics in Tutoring, Active Listening, Communication Skills, Use of Probing Questions, Critical Thinking, Modeling Problem Solving, Cultural Awareness, Learning Styles, Group Management, and Dealing with Special Populations (Non-traditional, Learning Difference, and First Generation students).

Academic Success Skills Workshops

The SSCs offer the following online workshops:

  • Online Time Management Workshop
  • Listening and Note Taking During Lectures
  • Reading Textbooks Effectively
  • Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory
  • Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies
Open-Use Computer Labs

At the Macon SSC, there are 94 computer workstations (including three Macintosh computers and one assistive technology workstations) for student use. There are also two computer labs with 30 workstations and one instructor station each. The labs can be opened up to accommodate a total of 60 workstations controlled from one instructor station. These labs can be booked for occasional class meetings requiring computers and for computer testing on a large scale. The labs cannot accommodate regularly-scheduled classes.

At the Cochran SSC, there are 30 computer workstations located in the Learning Support lab along with one instructor station. There is also a humanities lab and a computer lab which houses 24 workstations each plus one instructor station each. The tutoring center has a total of 5 computer workstations. The student success center has a total of 6 workstations for student use.

At the Dublin SSC, there are 5 computer workstations available for student use.

At the Eastman SSC, there are 3 computer workstations in the student success/SSC area. There are also 3 computer workstations in the Library area along with one instructor station.

At the Warner Robins SSC, there are 56 computer workstations (including one assistive technology workstation and four Macintosh workstations).

The computers in the SSCs are loaded with the latest software available on campus. If faculty members require software to be loaded in the SSCs to support their classes, coordination is required between Technology Resources, the academic division, and the SSC.

Video Streaming Services for Faculty

The SSC has streamed numerous video and audio resources for faculty online. Faculty who use this service report that having the resources online are a benefit because they no longer have to spend time tracking down tapes, DVDs, A/V equipment, or take up class time showing videos. Students only need access to a high-speed Internet connection (at home or in the SSC) to view the resources online at a time that is convenient to them.

Email and Computer Skills Assistance for Students

Students who need to activate or access their student email account can be assisted in the SSCs. The SSCs also help students access online coursework and efficiently navigate and print online course materials. Problems requiring a higher level of assistance are referred to the Technology Assistance Center on the Macon campus. Students at other campuses should contact the Technology office directly. SSC staff members are also available to help students who need assistance with basic computer skills.

Printing and Scanning Resources for Students

Each semester, students are given $30.00 of allocated printing in the SSCs paid by Technology Fees. Black-and-white prints are charged $0.10 per page and color prints are charged $0.50 per page. Students may pay to increase their print allowance, if needed. The allotted printing does not roll over to the next semester. The SSCs also provide scanners for student use.

In-Class Presentation about the SSC or Academic Success Topics

The SSC coordinators are available to host or come to your class to give an SSC Orientation or tailored Academic Success Skills topic presentation. Contact the coordinators for more information on this service.

Study Resources for Several Courses

The SSCs house study resources for many disciplines. Examples include: Old textbooks, APA and MLA handouts, solutions manuals for several courses, and resources for the TEAS test.

Extended Hours to Accommodate Part-Time and Non-Traditional Learners

SSC hours are:

Macon Campus:
Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 10pm (9pm during summer semester)
Friday: 7:30am - Noon (Closed during summer semester)
Sunday: 1pm - 7pm
During semester breaks, the Macon SSC is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30am - 5:30pm, Fridays 7:30am - Noon with no weekend hours.

Cochran Campus:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 7pm
Friday: 8am - Noon
During summer semester the Cochran SSC is open Monday - Thursday from 7:30am to 6pm and is closed on Fridays.

Dublin Campus:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 6:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - Noon
During summer semester the Dublin SSC is open Monday - Thursday from 8:30am to 6pm and is closed on Fridays.

Eastman Campus:
Tutoring is available during fall, spring and summer semesters by appointment. The Student Success Center is located in Room 1181. The Eastman SSC is open Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5:30pm and closed on Friday.

Warner Robins Campus:
Monday - Thursday 8am - 9pm
Friday: 8am - Noon (Closed during summer semester)
During semester breaks, the Warner Robins SSC is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30am - 5:30pm, Fridays 7:30am - Noon with no weekend hours.

Study Rooms for Group Study

On the Macon campus, there are 13 rooms available for small or large group study. Some study rooms are equipped with computers for group project work and all have tables, chairs, and white boards.

On the Dublin campus, there are three study rooms for small group study.

On the Warner Robins campus, there are three rooms available for small or large group study.

The SSC Website

Found at the SSC homepage, the dynamic and ever-changing SSC website has many resources for faculty and students. Among the many resources on the site are:

  • A tutoring schedule showing when tutors are available for each subject on all campuses
  • A guide to plagiarism for both faculty and students
  • Resources (including streaming video/audio) for several disciplines
  • General study skills links and tutorials
  • College vocabulary resources
  • Floor plans and pictures of the Library building
  • Pictures of SSC staff members
Contact Information

Paul Johnson, the Macon SSC Coordinator, can be contacted at:

  • Phone: (478) 471-2057 / Email:

Brock Giddens, SSC Director, can be contacted at:

  • Phone: (478) 934-3106 / Email:
  • The Cochran SSC is located in Roberts Library, 3rd Floor.

Stephen Svonavec on the Dublin campus can be contacted at:

  • Phone: (478) 275-6769 / Email:
  • The Dublin SSC is located in the Dublin Bldg., Room 224 on Dublin campus.

Andrea Yawn, who oversees the Eastman center, can be contacted at:

  • Phone: (478) 374-6700 / Email:
  • The Eastman SSC is located in Room 1181 on Eastman campus.

Jeannie Ruggerio, the WRC SSC Coordinator can be contacted at:

  • Phone: (478) 929-6770 / Email:
  • The WRC SSC is located in room 128 of Oak Hall on the Warner Robins campus.

  LAST MODIFIED: 1/19/2017