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Green Zone Training

Dee Lindsey

Dee Lindsey
Executive Director, Veteran & Military Services

Contact Information

Macon PH: (478) 471-2031

Spring and Fall Office Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 8am - 5:30pm
Friday: 8am - 12pm
Summer Office Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 7:30am - 6pm
Closed on Friday

Green Zone Training is an institution-wide initiative providing locations recognized by veterans as a safe place to aid in their transition from military to university and civilian life. A green zone is a location recognized by veterans as a safe place. The goal of the Green Zone program is to provide a safe space for student veterans, whether on-campus or online.

Middle Georgia State offers a training program for staff and faculty to become green zone advocates. Participants of the Green Zone training program will proudly display the Green Zone logo in their office may also include it in their syllabus.

Green zone advocates are staff and faculty who:

  • are aware of the issues and concerns faced by student veterans and their families;
  • are available to listen and assist student veterans and their families;
  • have a sympathetic ear;
  • can refer to appropriate services as needed.

Green Zone advocates are NOT expected to be experts or be able to solve all problems. Instead, they are a resource to student veterans.

Green Zone Locations:

(Click here to view MGA's Green Zone Locations in pdf format)

Middle Georgia State University’s Green Zone locations can be recognized with an identifying decal displaying the program's logo.


First Name Last Email Office Location
Dr. Christopher Blake M: Administration
Albert Abrams M: Administration
Kathy Adams D: Library
Grace Adams-Square C & D: Political Science
Lynn Allen D: Student Life
Crystal Allen-Joyner VECTR
Pamela Arlov M: English
Sabrina Balkcom M: Student Life: Fin Aid
Yulonda Banks M: Registrar’s Office
Valerie Beaman-Hackle M: Math 218
Margaret L. Bell C: Peacock 21
Richard Binkley E: 2013
Dr. Jennifer Brannon C: Sanford
Jodi Brown Warner Robins
Christine Caesar M: School of Education
Dr. Chris Cairney C: English
Christie Canady C: Dillard 140
Becky Carlisle M: COAS 101
Cheryl Carty M: Admissions
Adon Clark E: 1020
John Coder M: Campus Supp. Serv.
Paige Crump D: 211
April Daniels E: 1015
Sara Darsey C: Browning
Cathie Davis C: Memorial 120
Estella Dennard M: Registrar’s Office
Roger Dixon M: Campus Supp. Serv.
Paul Donnell E: 1144
Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson C: Peacock 14
Jed Edge C: Registrar’s Office
Cindy Fountain D: 221
Dr. David Fuller M: School of Education
Brock Giddens C: Library 303
Dr. John Girard M: PSC
Michael Glisson M: Plant
Lee Greenway M: Student Life
Dr. Victoria Guarisco M: Jones 384
Dr. Corey Guyton M: Student Life
Ruth Hagemann M: Student Life 266
Dr. Darryl Hancock C: Peacock 11
Dr. Thomas Hancock M: Jones 381
Cindy Hardy C: Russell 100
KC Harris M: Plant
Roger Hasty D: Police
Lisa M. Henry E: Terminal 142
Carla Higgs D: Nursing
Josh Hill C: Peacock 16
Lowell Hinchee E: 2003
Brenda Hogan M: Registrar
Lita Holloway C: Grace Hall
Predita Howard C: Sanford Hall
Dr. Dorothy Howell M: Jones 236
Rosetta Hudson D: Library
Derrick Hunter E: 1191
Martin Kehayes E: 1140
Chris Kemp W: Thomas Hall
Lana Kempton M: PSC 319
Stan Ketchel E: 1016
Scotty Kight D: IT/Library
Brenda Baggett Kinard E: 1102
Michelle Klingaman M: Jones 312
Dr. Kinzie Lee M: Jones 163
Devereaux Lindsey W: WRACC
Teresa Lorick C: Walker 209
Laureen Lowman W: Academic Services
Jamie Loyd C: Roberts Library
Ebony Lucas D: Library
Autumn Lucas M: Health Clinic
Amy Martin M: Student Life
Chrissonia McCall M: Admissions
Ellen McCullars M: Student Life: Fin Aid
Dr. Robert McTyre M: COAS 121
Dr. Carol Melton M: Jones 315
Teri Miller M: Jones 234
Jan L. Mimbs Dublin
Dr. Melinda Moffett M: Student Life 254
RHebidii Moore VECTR
Daphne Murchison M: Student Life 228
Pella Murphy W: Academic Services
Randy Naska D: Police
Dr. Andre Nicholson M: COAS 107
Dr. Estelle Nuckels C: Dillard
Misty Oxford E: 2018
Rose Patti M: Administration 108
Renee Pearman M: Student Life 284
Lori Pekny M: Acad.
Susan Phillips AMd: Ci Oi AS/S2t37d t Lif
Phoebe Rabalais W: Academic Services
Barbara Ratzlaff M: Administration
Haley Reed M: Student Life 266
Jeannie Ruggerio W: Oak Hall
Dr. Kendra Russell M: Jones 230
Megan Salter M: Math
Judy Schmitt W: Academic Services
Maggie Schuyler W: Academic Services
Wesley Sewell C: Admissions
Laurie Shaw W: Acad. Services/RRC
Cheryl Sibert W: Oak Hall
David S. Sims M: Plant 101
Dr. Jim Sisson M: Art 247
Dr. Daniel Snyder D: 212
Doc St. Clair M: PSC
Shataya Stanley D: Plant Operations
Isaac Taylor W: Academic Services
Laura Terrell M: Admissions
Reginald Thompson M: Registrar’s Office
Lonel Thompson M: Admissions Office
Ashley Thompson M: Admissions Office
Eric Toole C: Jackson 101
Chris Tsavatewa M: Office of Experiential
Ryan Tucker M: Admissions
Ashley R. Turner M: School of Education
Hannah Upperman C: Memorial Hall
Monique Walker M: Registrar’s Office
Brian Warren C: MOWR/Acad.
Ed Weathersbee E: 1017
Kent White C: Jackson 103
Henry Whitfield C: Sanford Hall
Kathy Wilcox M: Jones 180
Ann Williams C: Roberts Library
Nancy Williams M: Jones 156
James K. Wilson E: 1023
Carey Wimberly M: Office of President
Sanford Wise E: 2005
Gloria Wonnum M: Student Life: Fin Aid
Margo Woodham M: Admissions
Roy Woods E: 1125
Andrew Wright C: Wiggs 13
Andrea Yawn E: 1005

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