COVID-19 Changes

 Dear Student:

The purpose of this letter is to aid you along during the fall 2020 semester. We all know that this is not what you expected when you enrolled at MGA, but if we can work together, it may minimize confusion and anxiety caused by  the COVID-19 pandemic.

My office has reviewed the programs of study at the university and the accommodations we grant. If you receive academic help, as you view your accommodation's letter, some of these educational aids you received in the past may no longer be used. Some of your classes may be on-line or hybrid and the teaching format your instructor is using, may render those accommodations moot. Although they may not be practical with the academic changes we are experiencing, we will still keep them in place. My office will continue to list your official accommodations and will not remove those accommodations unless you request that action or if you are no longer entitled to that area of assistance.

As I stated earlier, we need to work together. At the start of the semester, I strongly request that you speak with your instructor and go over your academic accommodations together. You and your instructors are going to have to communicate more than usual, because the normal class setting is not there.  Talk to your instructors about the tests, deadlines for assignments, and class absences. It is critical that you do not fall behind, and by addressing these matters with your instructors, you will better understand the way to approach your classes. In your initial conversation with your instructors, if there are any concerns, this is the time to have them addressed and hopefully corrected.

In addition, it is also very important to send and return emails in a timely fashion and adhere to the deadlines given for assignments. Please be especially mindful and don't wait to address the situation just before a test or when an assignment is due if there are problems or confusion.

Please remember that the university and the faculty are trying to do their best during this pandemic and we need you to help do your part.

Please feel free to contact your assigned Accessibility Service Provider via email with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, Mr. Allen Chastain (478-934-3023) services (Cochran, Eastman & Dublin Campuses) and Ms. Keila Paster (478-471-2985) services (Macon & Warner Robins Campuses). Allen Chastain can be reached at and Keila Paster can be reached at .

Thank you!

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