The Department of English at Middle Georgia State University is home to the associate and baccalaureate degrees in English, with the baccalaureate offering two tracks: the Traditional Track and the Teacher's Certification Track. The department is committed to preparing graduates to be reflective professionals with an exceptionally strong content knowledge in English, a commitment to their chosen profession, a willingness to engage in professional development long after they graduate, and a desire to use their expertise to provide service within diverse communities.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English develops critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills of students as they explore and investigate the great works of Western literature, as well as world literature and global culture. The curriculum for the Traditional Track, in addition to preparing students for graduate studies or law school, provides essential preparation for a variety of career paths. In the twenty-first century global job market, where requirements for technical skills change rapidly, employers are finding that liberal arts graduates are highly suited for long-term success in today's economy. Employers today increasingly look for skills that the English graduate possesses: the ability to clearly communicate, to solve complex problems, and to think critically. This degree track is an excellent choice for students interested in careers such as editing, publishing, business, the arts, technical and professional writing, advertising, marketing, or public relations. For students who are interested in the teaching profession, the curriculum for the Teacher's Certification Track prepares students to teach at the high school level and addresses the growing need for highly qualified English teachers.

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