Department Directory

Natural Sciences

Primary Phone: 478.471.2751

Faculty/Staff in Department

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Dr. Balding, Donna Assistant Chair of Natural Sciences 478.471.2743
Dr. Bousum, Adam Assistant Professor 478.471.2889
Buffone, Gerald Associate Professor 478.471.2703
Dr. Burne, Jeffrey Professor 478.471.2754
Canady, Christie Assistant Chair of Natural Sciences/Assoc. Professor 478.934.5309
Dr. Cannon, Jonathan Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 478.934.3073
El-Jeaid, Imad Associate Professor 478.934.3075
Foster, David Laboratory Technician 478.697.4523
Dr. Goni, Md Abdul - PhD Assistant Professor of Chemistry 478.934.3137
Dr. Guarisco, Victoria Associate Professor of Chemistry 478.471.2758
Hancock, Thomas Assistant Professor 478.471.5356
Holloway, Lita Administrative Secretary 478.934.3055
Dr. Hornung, Christopher Associate Professor 478.471.2741
Dr. Khatmullin, Renat Assistant Professor of Chemistry 478.934.3404
McNeill, James Assistant Professor of Chemistry 478.757.2651
Dr. Mozley-Standridge, Sharon Associate Professor of Biology 478.934.3546
Nuckels, Estelle Associate Professor of Chemistry 478.934.3052
Ossip-Drahos, Dr. Alison Assistant Professor
Dr. Pattillo, John Associate Professor of Biology 478.471.2756
Dr. Pickens, Kimberly Associate Professor of Biology 478.471.2742
Dr. Rao, Pulipaka Lecturer 478.471.2746
Ready, Clinton - Ph.D. Professor of Biology 478.934.3542
Dr. Rigsby, Christine - PhD Assistant Professor of Biology 478.471.2748
Rowland, Whitney Administrative Coordinator 478.471.2751
Dr. Schmidtke, Amber Assistant Professor 4789343128
Shah, Malav Associate Professor of Physics 478.471.2829
Sherry, Dawn Chair, Natural Sciences 478.471.2751
Snyder, Daniel Associate Professor 478.274.7806
Swenson, Kirby Assistant Professor of Biology 478.934.3051
Wallace, Edwynn Associate Professor of Physics 478.934.3146
Wang, Jianwei Assistant Professor of Physics 478.757.6603
Wiles, Jeffrey Assistant Professor 478.471.2830
Woodard, Rachel Lab Coordinator 478.471.2751
Dr. Yadav, Pushpa Assistant Professor of Biology 478.471.2745
Dr. Yang, N.C. Professor Of Chemistry 478.471.2755