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Our career advisors adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  Our professional career and leadership development staff are also committed to providing services that meet standards set by the Council for the Advancement in Higher Education.

Find Your Greatness on Handshake!

Handshake is a national network of employers and graduate programs who recruit at college campuses so this means you have access to over 700,000 employers and graduate programs and 10,000+ job and internship postings. To claim your student account, use the MGA Handshake link

Schedule Appointments through Your Handshake Account

Students and alumni can schedule their appointments via Handshake by following these easy steps.

  1. Activate your Handshake account at with your MGA email address.
  2. Once logged into Handshake, go to Career Center and then to Appointments.
  3. In the Appointments section, you'll choose the category that best describes you (campus affiliation).  Then you will choose your desired date and time along with your main career topic.

Please pay careful attention to the type of appointment you are choosing since for each topic there is an in-person option and a virtual option. 

The Professional Interview Closet

Are you preparing to attend a job fair, a conference, or a job interview? Do you need a professional outfit for any or all of those events?  Schedule an appointment on Handshake to visit one of our Professional Closets, located in SLC 261 (Macon) and Sanford Hall 112 (Cochran) to put together one or more professional outfits at an extremely low cost! 

Professional Headshots

Students and alumni can get a free professional headshot to use for their LinkedIn and Handshake profiles.  Students and alumni may also find these headshots useful for portfolios, email accounts, and other virtual tools they use in the professional world.  To take advantage of this opportunity make an appointment on Handshake to see us either at SLC 261 (Macon) or Sanford Hall 112 (Cochran).