Faculty and Staff

The Center for Career & Leadership Development (CCLD) is excited to announce the third year of our Knights LEAD freshman student leadership program. Students continue to tell us that they greatly benefited from the relationships they formed with faculty and staff who served as facilitators and mentors in the program. We can always use your help to ensure that we have enough mentors for all students in the program this year.

The main goals of this program are:

1. To increase retention and success rates of MGA students.

2. To develop student leadership and soft skills, preparing them for campus, civic, and professional life.

3. To provide additional support to ensure that students adjust well to college life

  • If you would like to facilitate one, 1-hour session, we already have a curriculum based on the NACE 8 core competencies. At this time, sessions will be in-person in Macon and Cochran.  Faculty and staff members may use the curriculum provided to facilitate the sessions, work with me to revise and or add to the curriculum, and use additional resources as well as your professional and personal experiences that are relevant to competency being taught.  The Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs will be present at all meetings and will assist as needed. We simply need your experience, assistance, and expertise to maximize this program’s success.
  • If you would like to serve as a mentor, a mentor guide is provided. Your interaction with the students will be personalized, based on your schedule, and flexible. We simply ask that you connect with the student at least once a month.  For this Fall 2021, we encourage mentors to use a mix of in-person and virtual interactions.  While in-person provides meaningful connections, we know that this type of meeting isn't always possible.  Using Microsoft Teams can make it much easier to connect when schedules are tight.

Click HERE to complete the Knights LEAD Volunteer Interest Form and our Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs will contact you directly.  If you have specific questions, please contact us at 


  • Communicate monthly with student to check on progress during fall and spring
  • Encourage student use of campus resources
  • Serve as a point-of-contact for student navigating a new environment
  • Listen and offer advice when student needs extra motivation
  • Provide that extra push that a student may need in order to get involved on campus