2023-2024 University Syllabus

The syllabus should clearly state course requirements and instructor expectations using the section guides below as appropriate for the course. To ensure consistency across the university, all course syllabi must include the following items.

Faculty Information

  1. Faculty name and campus email address: Include relevant information, i.e., response time for answering emails, answering emails on the weekend, etc.
  2. Office hours and office location.
  3. Phone number where you can be reached (MGA number is appropriate).

Note: Although office location and hours are not required of part-time instructors, part-time instructors are responsible for maintaining regular communication with department secretary.

Basic Course Information

  1. Course title, prefix, and CRN
  2. Credit hours
  3. Semester
  4. Campus location
  5. Course meeting times and location


  1. Course prerequisite(s)
  2. Course description as written in the most recent student catalog
  3. Student learning outcomes
  4. Required course materials: Guidelines for student use of e-texts should be included in this section, if applicable. If e-texts are not permitted, include this prohibition in your syllabi.
  5. Technology requirement(s): This section should address all technology requirements for hardware or software. Any costs to the student must be included.
  6. Use of on-line proctor service – Required only if the service will be used during the semester. If so, notify students whether any form of identity checking or room scanning will be expected. Faculty should obtain written consent from students for room scans. State the number of proctored exams for the semester, the cost for the semester, and technical requirements for using the service. If students are required to use a fee-based proctoring service, students must be notified no later than the first day of class. 

Institutional Policies

Students should visit the following link for important policies, which helps students to get the most out of their studies at MGA:

Institutional Policies for Syllabi