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What can you do with a Biology degree?

Dr. Balding assisting students in lab.

Biology is the field that explores how living organisms function and interact with their environment. The careers that they can pursue after graduating with a baccalaureate in Biology are numerous. Some of the more common options include:

Research - Research technicians, research associates, or professional programs that offer degrees in a research specialty.

Government - Natural resources management, environmental regulation and management, forest management, water quality and control, government inspection agencies, health organizations, science policy analysts, and lobbyists.

Industry - Personnel at different levels of corporations working in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, and agriculture.

Education - Elementary, middle, and high school teaching.

Healthcare - Professional programs that offer training in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physician assistantships, optometry, dentistry, medical technology, or clinical laboratories.

Science Writing - Magazine journalists, newspaper journalists, technical manuscript writing.

Administration and management - Grant administrators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, biological sales representatives.