Health Services Administration

Thank you for your interest in the Health Services Program at Middle Georgia State University. The mission of the Health Services department is to prepare students to become leaders and managers in health care organizations through an understanding of the professional, social, technical, regulative, economic, and political forces that influence the health care industry.

To achieve this we offer a benchmarked curriculum that supports and matches the needs of the health care industry in our region while collaborating with the profession and community thru engaged service and research.

Our broad based approach to healthcare is revealed in the interdisciplinary nature of the program that combines business and health sciences in one degree. With concentrations in long term care, clinical practice management, community health and wellness, and sports and fitness management the program reflects the dynamic nature of healthcare and the career opportunities available within the sector.

I invite you to learn about the program and profession by contacting one of our faculty advisors via the Faculty/Staff Directory links on the left.

Whether it is the excellent earning potential, a drive to make a difference, or the opportunities and flexibility that abound in the field – we are encouraged that you recognize the potential that exists by pursuing a career in healthcare. On behalf of our faculty and staff, we again thank you for your interest in the program and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Dr. Dorothy Howell, DHA, MSN
Chair of Health Services

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