Apply to the OTA Program

Applications for Fall 2017 are currently closed.  Applications will be opened again in September for the 2018 school year.

Steps to Apply to the OTA Program:

Applying to the Middle Georgia State University Occupational Therapy Assistant program is a two- part process.

  1. You must apply to Middle Georgia State University and be a current student for the fall semester that you plan to begin the OTA Program.
  2. You must apply to the OTA Program. Acceptance to MGA does not guarantee acceptance into the OTA Program.

A. First, apply to Middle Georgia State University

  1. You should apply to the university prior to completing the OTA Program application. In order to apply to the university, you must complete the Middle Georgia State University application and the Immunization Form available online at  You may also contact the admissions office at 478.934.3103.
  2. You must apply to MGA for the semester in which you plan to begin taking courses. If you are not planning on taking your core at MGA or have completed your core at another school, be sure to apply for the fall semester 1) of the year in which you are applying to the OTA Program.
  3. You must have official high school transcripts and transcripts from ALL colleges & universities you have attended sent to Middle Georgia State University. These must be official transcripts and must be sent to MGA from the institution(s) you have attended. There is no need to send an additional copy of transcripts directly to the OTA Program. Transcripts should be sent to the following address:

    Middle Georgia State University
    Office of Admissions
    1100 Second Street, SE
    Cochran, GA  31014

  4. If you are taking courses during spring semester that you want to transfer to MGA, transcripts must be received by the Registrar’s Office no later than May 31st. If those transcripts are not received by May 31st and they contain grades for courses required for admission into the OTA program, those courses will not be considered, which could affect your eligibility and/or acceptance to the OTA Program.
  5. Contact the admissions office at 478.934.3103 to find out the deadline for admission to MGA.

    The application deadline to the OTA Program is May 15th of the year for which you are applying. To be considered for acceptance, you MUST have been accepted to MGA by this date. It is recommended that your university application and transcripts be sent to MGA by April 1st to avoid any delay in your application status. Acceptance to Middle Georgia State University does not guarantee acceptance to the OTA Program.

B. Second, apply to the OTA Program

  1. In order to be considered for acceptance to the OTA Program you must:
    1. Have been accepted to MGA for the fall semester of the year in which you are applying.
    2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
    3. Have completed BIOL 1114K (Anatomy and Physiology I) with a grade of “C” or better..
    4. Have completed all learning support courses.
  2. Submit two (2) Academic References.
    • Print the Academic Reference Form found on this webpage.
    • Academic Reference Forms must be completed by an MGA faculty member who has taught you in the classroom within the past year.
    • Faculty members are asked to fill out the form and send it to the OTA Program. Forms may be sent through campus mail, regular mail or may be scanned and emailed to
    • If you have never taken a course at MGA, you may ask a professor from another institution who has taught you in the classroom. They should mail the form to:

    Middle Georgia State University
    OTA program – Academic Reference
    1100 Second Street
    Cochran, GA 31014

  3. Any questions concerning the OTA application process can be answered by calling Jamie Loyd, OTA Administrative Assistant 478.934.3057, or by calling Betsy McDaniel, COTA/L, Interim OTA Program Director, 478.934.5200.