MGSC Team In Top 10 Of Business Simulation Competition

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013 2:47 PM
Category: School of Business

Macon, GA

A team of Middle Georgia State College business majors consisting of Caleb Carter, Kharis Jones, Hamid Ganjikia and Michael Faulkner is ranked fourth nationally in a business simulation model known as MikesBikes-Advanced.

Middle Georgia State business faculty use the competition-based learning simulation in senior-level business courses. In the past three semesters, about half of the college's teams have reached the 80th percentile of more than 4,500 teams worldwide, according to Dr. Senthil Kumar, associate professor of strategic management. The MGSC team now in the top 10 achieved that feat during the fall 2013 semester.

MikesBikes-Advanced is used worldwide in a range of college and university courses. Companies including Microsoft and HP have used MikesBikes-Advanced as a way to offer cross-functional training to middle-managers and rising stars, encouraging a better understanding of all the functions that are important in the efficient running of a company. The competitive element of MikesBikes and managing a virtual bicycle firm encourages students to understand strategic principles and have fun doing it.

Team rankings: