Middle Georgia State MVP: Rebekah Messamore

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, February 23, 2015 12:49 PM
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Macon, GA

Aspiring child psychologist Rebekah Messamore is a member of the President’s Torch Society and an SGA representative.

Full Name: Rebekah Leeann Messamore.

Age: 19.

Hometown: Auburn, Ga.

Residence: Macon.

High School: “I went to Apalachee High School and was a part of the Apalachee Marching Cats for all four years. I was an FBLA member as well.”

Family: “I'm incredibly grateful for my loving, supportive family. My parents Frankie and Shelia Messamore are always building me up and helping me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I also just want to say that my brother, the awesome guy he is, know just what to say to keep me grounded, and I'm so proud of him. John Martin is doing way better than I did in high school!”

Current Employment: “I currently work on campus in the Office of Academic Affairs as a student assistant and with the Office of a Student Affairs as an orientation leader.”

Degree Objective: “I hope to earn a bachelor of science in Psychology, concentrating on Developmental Psychology, and later get a PhD.”

Class Rank: Junior.

Primary Campus: Macon.

Activities: President's Torch Society, Psychology Club and SGA.

Career Goals: “I would like to become a child psychologist and ideally have my own practice. After going down the path to be an IT major for so long and not loving it like I thought I did my first semester here, I think I have found the right fit. I have a true passion for the inner workings of the mind and a desire to help children who need it. It's the best of both worlds.”

She chose Middle Georgia State College because … “It was the most intelligent move I could make. Essentially, I did not choose Middle Georgia; Middle Georgia chose me. I received an opportunity in the mail to apply for a President's Scholarship to a school I had not heard of prior. After speaking with my parents, we decided it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. I am so glad I ended up here. Anybody would be lucky to attend this college because of its low cost and high-quality education.”

The one thing that surprised her about Middle Georgia State was … “How much I enjoyed myself here. The classes were small and the teachers genuinely cared about their students. Also, I never appreciated the convenience of living in College Station (student residential halls) until I woke up late.”

Her favorite professor is … “A hard decision to make. I certainly adore the literature teachers I have had here, including Dr. Sharon Colley and Dr. Benita Muth. However, my particular favorite as of now is Professor Courtney Stavely. She has an enrapturing passion for psychology and it makes learning the material enjoyable.”

Her favorite place to study is … “Without a doubt the library. It is the one place on campus I have found that I can truly focus. Downstairs has the perfect amount of background noise I need to get the job done, and the upstairs study rooms make it easy for me to study with my roommates.”

One thing people don’t know about her is … “I listen to rock music. Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Collective Soul and others are my go-tos.”

Her friends make fun of her because … “I tend to ‘mother’ them. For example, if I provide the slightest warning to something I might receive a ‘Yes, mom’ response, but it is because I care.”

The one person she’d most like to meet is… “Marilyn Monroe. She was so successful in her life despite dealing with psychological issues and trusting the wrong people, and that takes a lot of strength. I would love to just ask her how she did it.”

Five years from now she sees herself … “In the midst of attaining my master’s degree, living independently and providing for myself. Not quite yet married, I hope to have a job dealing with psychology and on my way to having my own practice.”

- Compiled by Xaviea Brown