Finding Greatness: Victoria Monetta

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, September 12, 2016 1:40 PM
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Macon, GA

Victoria Monetta, a senior Aviation major, is aiming for a career with Delta Airlines.

Full Name: Victoria Monetta.

Age: 22.

Hometown: Marietta.

Residence: Eastman.

High School: Pope High School, where she was varsity baseball manager and swimmer. She captained the swim team her senior year.

Family: Father, Kenny Monetta; mother, Chris Monetta; and younger sister, Brianna Monetta.

Current Employment: Manager at Bath and Body Works and a full-time student.

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science and Management with a concentration in Flight.

Class Rank: Senior.

Primary Campus: Eastman.

Activities: Member of the Eastman Campus Activity Board and vice president of the Women in Aviation club.

Career Goals: “I want to first become a flight instructor to build up my flight hours before moving on to the regional airlines. After that I’d like to join a major airline.”

She chose Middle Georgia State University because … “It is the only university in Georgia that offers a bachelor’s program in Aviation. Most aviation schools are either out of state or extremely expensive to attend. MGA on the other hand offers in-state tuition on top of flight training with the four-year degree.”

The greatest thing she discovered about Middle Georgia State was … “I love how the professors really work hard to make sure each student succeeds. Each professor gets to know individual students and help them with whatever they need. I have made such a great connection with my professors. I can go to them whenever with whatever questions I have and they always help me to the best of their ability.”

Her greatest academic experience so far has been … “Taking Private Pilot Ground School during my freshman year. Learning the fundamentals of flying for the first time ever was such a wonderful experience for me.”

To her, “greatness” means … “Working hard to achieve your dream.”

People would be surprised to learn … “I am half Portuguese and half Italian, I was a year-round swimmer for 14 years, I have been traveling on airplanes since I was 3 months old and I’ve met Michael Phelps. Twice!”

In five years … “It has always been a dream of mine to be a pilot for Delta Airlines. I’m working to become the best pilot I can be.”