Finding Greatness: Mallory Miller

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, March 13, 2017 1:06 PM
Categories: Faculty/Staff | Pressroom | Finding Greatness

Macon, GA

A proud graduate of Middle Georgia State, Mallory Miller now shares her experiences with prospective students as she recruits for the University.

Full Name: Mallory Miller.

Job Title: Recruiter.

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Middle Georgia State University, Class of 2012.

Activities: “I grew up in the Middle Georgia area and I devote a lot of time to my church - Rock Springs Church – Macon - where we engage in various forms of community outreach. I lead worship every week and I enjoy encouraging others through that outlet. We also support the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia, which is a powerful organization that helps get people and families in our community off the streets and provide valuable resources for them. I serve in these ways weekly and it is one of the things I enjoy most – helping our community and giving back.

“I incorporate values of service into my work at Middle Georgia State as I make myself available to students and their parents at almost all times in order to answer their questions and make the admissions process as simple as possible. I genuinely enjoy meeting students and their families and showing them around campus, informing them on all the opportunities they potentially have here. It’s rewarding when you work with a student to get accepted and you can see how excited they are about their future.”

What attracted you to a staff position at Middle Georgia State University?
“I enjoyed every semester at MGA as a student because of the quality education I received. This made me want to continue my time here as an employee, and being a recruiter is fulfilling as I get to inform and inspire incoming freshmen what opportunities lay ahead.”

What do you like best about working at Middle Georgia State?
“I get to be on the front lines recruiting new students. I love sharing my experiences with them of when I first began college here and how much my courses and professors helped me develop my critical thinking skills and shape what I wanted my future to look like.”

As you travel the state recruiting, what do prospective students you talk to find the most attractive about Middle Georgia State?
“Students who have never visited our school find the affordability of our tuition and the unique programs we offer, like aviation, and our overall institutional success most attractive.”

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
"People may be surprised that I got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a campaign event for then-candidate Donald Trump. Also, I love to record and write music and have an album – 'I Lived This Song' - on iTunes."