Middle Georgia State University Introduces New Schools in Academic Reorganization

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, July 1, 2019 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


A new academic organizational structure will help Middle Georgia State (MGA) strengthen efforts to create smaller, supportive communities of students, faculty and others within the University as a whole.

As of July 1, 2019, MGA’s academic organization will be made up of six schools, each with two or more departments focused on specific areas of study. MGA has long consisted of several different schools but now they have been restructured in a way that creates even more cohesion between related scholarly areas. For example, information technology and math and statistics are now paired under a new School of Computing. Health sciences and natural sciences are now paired under a new School of Health and Natural Sciences.

“This school-centered approach is an attempt to create small communities within each of our campuses that can welcome students and help them have ‘a home away from home’ while they progress through their academic programs,” said Dr. Jon Anderson, MGA’s provost. “This school-based strategy also supports the University System of Georgia’s ‘Momentum Year’ efforts to help incoming students identify an academic area of focus and join supportive small communities of other students in their major, the faculty who teach their classes, the advisors who help them along the way, and all others who share their space within the University.”

The biggest change is the reshaping of the former College of Arts & Sciences, which contained the widest array of academic disciplines, including English, history, political science, math, and more. Those disciplines have been moved to new or different schools with complementary areas of study.

Here is the list of Middle Georgia State’s new and/or restructured academic schools and the departments within each:

The School of Arts and Letters



Media, Culture, & the Arts

The School of Computing

Information Technology

Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Health and Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences


Rehabilitation Science

Respiratory Therapy

The School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Political Science

Psychology and Criminal Justice

Teacher Education and Social Work

The School of Aviation

Aviation Maintenance and Structural Technology

Aviation Science and Management

The School of Business

Accounting and Finance

Health Services Administration

Management and Marketing