Finding Greatness: Wesley White

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, February 24, 2020 12:00 AM
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Eastman, GA


Aviation major Wesley White, who enrolled at MGA after serving in the Marine Corps, recently became a certified flight instructor. He is also a skilled photographer who takes amazing images of MGA aircraft.

Full Name: Wesley Neal White.

Age: 26.

Hometown: Hampton.

Residence: Eastman.

Family: “I have my wife, Minato Arita-White, and our two-year-old daughter, Anju Amelia White, both of whom are currently living in Japan while I finish my degree. I am also supported by my mother, Natalie, father, Michael, and 14-year-old brother, Lee.”

Employment: “I just got hired on by MGA’s flight department as a flight instructor. This will be my first paid flying position, and I look forward to teaching our future aviation professionals and students at MGA.”

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science and Management, with a track in advanced flight training.

Activities: “I try to participate in the Eastman Campus Activities Board’s ‘Service Friday’ events when my schedule allows it. I also occasionally fly for a volunteer pilot organization known as ‘Pilots N Paws,’ which transports animals in need to new foster homes, animal shelters, and rescue groups.”

Career Goals: “My main goal is to fly internationally for a major U.S. airline. I want to be an airline pilot because flying offers a unique perspective of the world that I cannot find from a desk job. Plus, you cannot beat watching a sunset from 35,000 feet.”

He chose Middle Georgia State University because … “I have always had a soft spot for Middle Georgia State University since my first visit to the school in 2010. Unfortunately, I could not attend MGA at the time due to financial issues, so I ended up serving five years in the United States Marine Corps as an F/A-18 engine mechanic, four of which were spent in Iwakuni, Japan. During the time I spent overseas, I continued to follow MGA’s Facebook page. One thing that stood out about MGA was how much the school had grown and expanded since my first visit, especially with the school obtaining university status in 2015. With the school’s expansion, new university status, and with it being the best and most cost-effective collegiate aviation training program in my home state of Georgia, I knew that Middle Georgia State University would be the perfect place to pursue my aviation goals.”

The greatest thing he discovered about Middle Georgia State was … “The family atmosphere is by far the greatest thing. This is especially true at the Eastman Campus, where we have a considerable amount of like-minded individuals pursuing success in the same industry. The professors, staff, and students make up a professional and friendly bunch, and I am overwhelmingly excited to be part of MGA’s family.”

His greatest academic experience as a Middle Georgia State student has been … “It has been an absolute pleasure interacting with the professors, staff, and students here at MGA. As an adult learner, every professor and instructor that I have interacted with have been very professional and accommodating. It makes me feel that much more satisfied with my decision to attend MGA.”

To him, greatness means … “Striving to do your absolute best, 100% of the time. In my particular case, greatness means striving to be the best father, husband, son, brother, student, and mentor that I can be for both my family, as well as my fellow aviation professionals. Greatness means being an industry leader, never settling for the minimum, and never giving up when faced with stress, fatigue, and difficulty. Lastly, greatness means stepping well outside your comfort zone in a constant pursuit of success. As my old high school English teacher used to say, ‘If better is possible, good is not enough.’”

In five years … “Professionally, I see myself flying with a regional airline.  I would like to continue flight instructing well after I graduate, as I have had a lot of outstanding mentors throughout my aviation career. This would be my way of paying it forward to the next generation of pilots. I also would not mind joining an airline recruiting team, so that I can visit MGA to motivate and coach students towards successful aviation careers. Personally, I see myself living permanently with my wife and daughter in the next five years. We have a family goal of continuing our English and Japanese studies, and our daughter is already well on her way to speaking both languages. I also would not mind going for a master’s degree, though only time and opportunity will tell.”