Finding Greatness: Adarius McCoy

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, June 15, 2020 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


MGA accounting major Adarius McCoy’s research into the impact of national and state recessions on unemployment and personal income was accepted for presentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. While the conference at Montana State University was cancelled due to COVID-19, McCoy did get to present his findings to the MGA Foundation board, which helped sponsor his research and planned conference attendance.

Full Name: Adarius McCoy.

Age: 22.

Hometown: Stockbridge.

Residence: “I currently reside in Stockbridge but I was born in Riverdale and have called that home also.”

Family: “My family has always supported me and I am very thankful for them. My parents, Sarah Whitehead and Antonio McCoy, raised me to be confident in myself. My brothers, Calvin Harvey and Antuan Harvey, always pushed me to better myself. My family also includes my aunts Angela, Meko, Lawanda, and many more. My uncles include Timothy, Lamar, Gene, and Bo. My cousins include Marquez, DJ, Samantha, Taylor, Mercedes, Drashon, Kenzay, and many more. Also, my nieces and nephews Janiyah, Cherish, Junior, and Jerimiah.”

Employment: Full-time student.

Class Rank: Junior.

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. “I will be graduating in spring of 2021 and starting my master’s degree in accounting that fall.”

Activities: “I am vice president of the western district for the Student Government Association of MGA. I am also part of the African American Male Initiative. I am involved in the Accounting Club at MGA as well. Outside of school I am a laidback person who mostly works out, hangs with friends, and plays video games.”

Career Goals: “I am going to earn my CPA and be apart of a ‘Big Four’ firm. I want to work my way up to become chief audit executive. Being able to help other upcoming business students who plan to become accountants is huge to me. To be able to help students who are looking for internships and careers after they graduate is one of my goals that I am going to achieve. I will help and advocate for black students and other students of color who may not see a lot of people who look like them in their major. After years of working in the accounting field I am going to obtain my PhD in accounting to become a professor and continue to help students on a more proficient level.”

He chose Middle Georgia State University because… "I was looking to return to school after taking a semester off when I heard about MGA. Hearing how affordable it was stood out to me. After talking with a representative and learning about the School of Business I knew this is where I should go and it continues to be a great decision.”

The greatest thing he discovered about Middle Georgia State was … “The professors at MGA are amazing, from core classes to upper level major classes. Caring for the students is the top priority of the professors at MGA. When you have professors like Dr. Harry McAlum, Dr. Steve Morse, Liz Riley, Dr. Carol Sargent, and so many more, you are going to have the help you need to succeed. With advisors like Connie Jenkins and Monique Shine, you are in great hands.”

His greatest academic experience as a Middle Georgia State student has been … ”During the fall semester I got an email from the dean of the School of Business asking if I would be interested in doing research with him. The excitement that transpired from that was amazing. I was able to do research and shift through data that can help big businesses around the area. It can also help people gain a better understanding about GDP and how we can come out of economic recessions even stronger, which is vital information right now.”

To him, ‘greatness’ means … “Perseverance. The ability to get knocked down and get back up every time. Becoming stronger each time you are knocked down and learning from it. To look a situation in the face and not be deterred.”

In five years … “Personally, I will be healthier and wealthier in all aspects of my life. I will be helping people no matter what their backgrounds are, and traveling and enjoying life. Professionally, I will have my master’s in accounting and be working in a ‘Big Four’ firm. I will be pushing myself to reach goals while also creating new ones.”