MGA Professor's Innovative Digital Technologies Textbook For Marketing & IT Students Published

Author: Sheron Smith
Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2024 12:00 AM
Categories: School of Computing | Pressroom | Faculty/Staff

Macon, GA

A Middle Georgia State University (MGA) information technology professor is the leading author of a newly published second edition textbook focused on marketing and IT students navigating the dynamic nature of digital technologies.

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group has just published "Digital Analytics for Marketing," co-authored by Dr. A. Karim Feroz, an assistant professor who joined MGA's IT faculty in January of this year, and Dr. Gohar F. Khan and Marshall Sponder. Feroz, who has collaborated with the other authors before, said he was invited to lead the development of the textbook's second edition due to his expertise in digital transformation, encompassing the strategic utilization of data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and other emergent technologies to optimize operational efficiencies and foster innovation.

"For students studying marketing, this book is a good resource by teaching techniques on how to extract actionable insights for decision-making in today's data-driven marketing environment," Feroz said. "In an era where consumer behavior is highly impacted by digital interactions, the book provides students with a deeper understanding of consumer behavior across digital platforms, including social media, e-commerce, collaborative websites, and apps. By covering topics such as social media analytics, web analytics, text analytics, advanced AI and algorithms and web intelligence the book empowers marketing students to extract meaningful insights from data and tailor marketing strategies to meet consumer needs effectively."

For students in the IT field, Feroz added, the book "offers a comprehensive overview of digital analytics tools and platforms. As IT professionals increasingly play a central role in managing data within organizations, this book equips students with essential knowledge of data collection, storage, and analysis systems utilized in the digital marketing landscape. By demonstrating how to integrate data from various digital platforms, such as web, social, and search, the book enhances students' understanding of data integration techniques, essential for roles involving data management and integration."

The publisher noted that the textbook is the first of its kind "to introduce students to analytics platforms from a practical marketing perspective. ... Demonstrating how to integrate large amounts of data from web, digital, social, and search platforms, this helpful guide offers actionable insights into data analysis, explaining how to "connect the dots" and "humanize" information to make effective marketing decisions. The authors cover timely topics, such as social media, web analytics, marketing analytics challenges, and dashboards, helping students to make sense of business measurement challenges, extract insights, and take effective actions. The book’s experiential approach, combined with chapter objectives, summaries, and review questions, will engage readers, deepening their learning by helping them to think outside the box."

Feroz holds a Ph.D in Information and Telecommunication Technology from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (QS World Rank #28 by subject), Daejeon, Korea, and a Master of Business Administration from Chonnam National University (AACSB accredited), Gwangju, Korea. He is a research scientist with expertise in digital transformation, digital business strategy, and Industry 4.0. He has more than five years of research experience in academic, policy, business, and strategic management settings. He has experience in the government and private sectors as well as in NGOs in Afghanistan and South Korea.

Dr. Gohar F. Khan is a computational social scientist with expertise in digital business, data analytics, and network science. Marshall Sponder holds a dual appointment as a faculty lecturer at Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, and an associate professor of professional practice at Rutgers Business School.