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Student Grades FAQs

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Are my grades available on-line?
All students, including transients, have an account on SWORDS and can access their student records and grades.
If you have a problem, please feel free to e-mail the Registrar for help: . You may also call the Registrar's Office Toll-Free at 1.877.238.8664.

When are grades available on-line?
See the Academic Calendar for when grades are available for you to view online.

Are grades mailed at the end of the term?
No. All students have access to their grades on-line through Banner Web.

My parents want to see my grades every term. Can you send them my grades?
No. You may share your grades with them through your SWORDS account. (Federal law requires that we have a specific authorization from you to release your grades. There is a form for that purpose in the Registrar's Office. Consent FERPA release form.)

I attended the college last term as a transient, but my record at my home institution does not reflect that I took the course and passed it. What should I do?
You must request an official transcript be sent to your home school from the MGA Registrar’s Office. If you requested a transcript, follow-up with the Registrar's office to determine when it was sent.

My Academic Standing seems wrong. My overall GPA (Institutional & Transfer) is over a 2.0 so why does my standing reflect something different?
Your Academic Standing at the College is computed solely on your institutional academic GPA, which excludes your transfer work. The institutional GPA also excludes Learning Support courses.

I received an incorrect grade for the semester. How do I correct it?
You should promptly discuss this matter with your instructor if the semester just ended. If a mistake was made, he or she will submit a Grade Change form through the academic division. The Registrar will post the change as soon as it is received. Otherwise, you should follow the Grade Appeals process outlined in the college catalog (p. 59 of the 2013-2014 catalog). If the grade was received outside the time limits published in the catalog, you will have to petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs with complete documentation to substantiate your claim.