Macon Housing

Lakeview Pointe 

This brand new facility houses our freshman and new students on the Macon Campus. Lakeview Pointe provides a traditional student housing option of double occupancy of two double occupancy rooms sharing a common space and bathroom. Choose Lakeview Pointe is you desire special academic attention, greater social activities, and increased leadership opportunities on the Macon Campus.

Lakeview Pointe residents can use the wired and/or wireless data networks to connect to video services of their choice. Numerous services offer subscription-based access to live cable, premium, and international channels. There are also many free and for-fee services that provide access to recorded television programs, movies, and other content. If you have questions, please contact your residence hall staff.

Example of student's address at Lakeview Pointe:
Jane Doe
5096 Ivey Drive Box# XXX
Macon, Ga. 31206

  • Housing Type: Suite-Style Doubles
  • Single Rooms: 8 ADA accessible rooms
  • Double Rooms: 292
  • Occupants: Co-Ed
  • Room Size: 12 x 12
  • Lease: 10 months
  • Price/Semester: $3150
 lake pointe beds
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