TSA Training

Attention: All MGA Eastman Campus Employees
Security Awareness Training

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued an “interim final rule” on security awareness that includes all Middle Georgia State University Eastman campus employees and visitors.

As of September 21, 2004, the rule requires every employee that frequents or works at an airport to participate in initial and recurrent security awareness training. Employees will obtain initial training from the TSA online training program.

Therefore, employees who will visit the Eastman Campus at least once a quarter and all employees who work at the Eastman Campus must complete the on-line TSA training. Employees who meet these criteria must complete the training within two weeks of their initial hire date and annually thereafter. This requirement also applies to employees of other agencies who work at the Eastman Campus or visit the campus at least once each Quarter. Employees or visitors who do not complete the training will have to be escorted when on the Eastman Campus.

After completing the course, a certificate must be printed and signed. Send the completed certificate to Julie Holloway through campus mail (Eastman Campus) or scan and send it to .

For any questions concerning TSA training please contact Julie Holloway 478.448.4709.

This is an annual requirement and the deadline is November 25th


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*If this is your first time taking the training will you will required to create a free account on the testing site.*