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Provost Fellows

The Provost Fellows program is an opportunity for members of the faculty or staff to work with the Office of the Provost to explore areas of interest to them. Provost Fellows are appointed annually. The objectives of the program are to 1) help broaden the scope of work that can be accomplished in the Division of Academic Affairs and 2) to allow selected faculty and staff the opportunity to gain the experience and insight that comes from working in university administration. It is a part-time appointment for full-time faculty and staff. During the inaugural year (2018-2019), six Provost Fellows were named. Each Provost Fellow explored an area of interest and outlined areas the university could improve in that area. The outcome of their work is linked below. It is shared with the campus to invite discussion and encourage a review of their work by the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government or any other participant in our shared governance environment.

Provost Fellows for 2018-2019