Art on Display

Senior Exhibition Shows

Vacha Patel

This exhibition attempts to capture the essence of dance by depicting various dance styles from around the world. The unique art pieces depicting different dance styles has its own meaning and expression by which it motivates individuals to embrace its core teachings. This celebration of dance styles is created to relay the perspective that I have held and embraced in my life. My illustrations combine the play of colors, textures, movement, and abstract design to portray my art. 

The various color schemes used in each depiction tries to convey the impression of each dance style. Each piece of art then takes you on an emotional journey. The textures and movement bring the eye to recognize the core of the dance style. Overall, this art Exhibition is an attempt to lure you into an adventure through which dance styles are presented using abstract design in a unique way. 

Tango Tibetan
Flamenco Salsa
Kathakali Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Ballet sculpture Untitled

Alexis Hixson

Skin Deep

As people, we should celebrate our inner beauty and show the world that we are beautiful on the inside. We tend to hide our genuine selves beneath layers of makeup, surgery, and other embellishments; however, outer beauty only goes so far. Character, rather than beauty, is what counts in a person. 

In response to several songs by artists that express concepts of inner beauty. In  Skin Deep, I depict women, some of whom are embracing their inner beauty while others try to conceal it. Through these paintings, I want viewers to understand how embracing and concealing inner beauty affects people in their daily lives.

-Alexis Hixson

Body Crazy Curvy
Body Crazy Curvy Skin Deep
Skin Deep I Am Not My Hair
I Am Not My Hair
Crooked Smile
Crooked Smile Scars To Your Beautiful
Scars to Your Beautiful
Feeling Myself
Feeling Myself She Got the Juice
She Got the Juice
Unpretty Pretty Hurts
Pretty Hurts