Environmental Management System

Introduction to EMS

What is an EMS:

  • Emergency Medical Services?
  • Electronic Music Studios?
  • Edinburgh Mathematical Society?
  • European Monetary System?
  • Eastern Mountain Sports?

EMS stands for Environmental Management System

  • An EMS is a system of processes that helps:
    • Identify environmental priorities
    • Establish plans to reach environmental goals
    • Make environmental understanding and responsibility part of everyone's daily business
  • It's a way to figure out:
    • Who has what impact on the environment
    • How to prevent or minimize that impact
    • How to stay out of trouble, save money, and improve over a period of time

Environmental Management System

  • EMS is the management of environmental programs in a comprehensive, planned, documented manner
  • Organized way to improve environmental performance
  • Systematic approach
  • Addresses immediate and long-term issues
  • Has a focus on continual improvement
  • Can include electronic tools