Call for Quest Narratives

Exciting Interactive Fiction Opportunity: Unleash Your Inner Knight!

Ladies and gentlemen of creative spirit,

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey into the realm of storytelling? The realm of interactive fiction awaits your imagination. The Knights of Success, a valiant student organization, is thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for all aspiring bards and wordsmiths among us. We are inviting you to contribute your creative prowess to our latest endeavor: crafting captivating Interactive Fiction stories steeped in the chivalrous and honorable theme of knights.

About the Project: Our mission is to impart the timeless virtues of knights to fellow students through the power of storytelling. What better way to instill the values of courage, integrity, and honor than by weaving tales of valor and adventure? These Interactive Fiction stories will transport readers to a world where they can experience the trials, triumphs, and moral dilemmas that knights face. By participating in this endeavor, you not only hone your narrative skills but also contribute to a noble cause.

The Creation Process: We understand that every aspiring bard needs a map to guide them on their storytelling quest. Fear not! We've meticulously crafted a narrative outline that will lead you through the process of creating an engaging and immersive story. This outline will help you mold your ideas, develop characters, and construct a plot that resonates with the noble values we aim to share.

A Tool Fit for Storytelling: Our chosen platform for bringing these stories to life is Twine, a remarkable interactive fiction platform. Twine allows you to create branching narratives, enabling readers to make choices that shape the course of the story. Your words will transform into an immersive experience that resonates with readers on a profound level.

Submission Details: Are you eager to wield your quill and contribute your tale to the legacy of the Knights of Success? If so, we eagerly await your submissions! To be part of this grand endeavor, kindly send your completed stories to . Our scribes eagerly anticipate your creative contributions.

Deadline for Submissions: You will have opportunities to submit your stories throughout the year.  Each story prompt has a different submission date. Delay not! The drawbridge will be lowered for submissions on the submission date. Make sure your story reaches our gates before then.

If you are interested in joining our adventure, then join us for our monthly Storyteller’s Roundtable.  You can find the dates and links to our next meeting in the menu on this page.

Onward to adventure!  

Dr. James Blackburn
Associate Provost, Academic Innovation