Welcome to Middle Georgia State, home of the Knights and a whole lot more! MGA’s new student orientation sessions are designed to help you learn more about the academic and social opportunities our campuses have to offer you. Attending orientation is a crucial step as you transition from high school, another college or university, the military or work. We will introduce you to campus staff who will talk to you about all the resources and services Middle Georgia State dedicates to your success!

Program Content:

Knowledge - Get an overview of what you can expect at Middle Georgia
Niches - Explore opportunities that will allow you to find your greatness
Involvement - Learn about the wide variety of Student Life opportunities
Growth - Gain insight into our campus cultures
Housing - Learn the many benefits of living on campus *
Tools - Get tips on becoming and staying a successful student
Success - Know that your success is our top priority!

Orientation Dates for Students Enrolling Spring 2018

  • November 28 - Macon Campus - 10:00am - 12:00pm (Location: Art Theatre)
  • November 29 - Cochran Campus - 10:00am - 12:00pm (Location: Walker Hall Auditorium)

Student IDs

  • Please bring with you a driver’s license or picture ID
  • Class schedule


  • Please register your vehicle through your SWORDS account
  • Bring picture ID

Important Student Account Information


All three accounts can be accessed on the university’s website (www.mga.edu) under Menu and then Current Students at the top right corner of the website. First time access MUST be completed through a desktop or laptop computer.

  1. EMAIL

    Email accounts are NOT available immediately. Email accounts usually take 1 to 2 business days after you register for your first class to be created. First name.last name@mga.edu (some users may have a number after the last name) Default email password will be capital P, hashtag #, and your 6-digit birthday in MMDDYY format. Example – P#010193

    Your SWORDS account can be accessed by 1 of 3 ways. You can use your student ID# (983######), your SSN or your MGA email address as your user name. The default password is your 6-digit birthday (010193)
  3. D2L or Brightspace

    New student accounts will NOT be loaded into D2L until a few days before the scheduled start date of your classes. Classes will NOT be loaded until the night before the scheduled start date of your classes. The default user name for D2L is your first name.last name, just as it appears in your university email address. The default password for D2L is your student ID# (983######)

Microsoft Office 2016 is available to all current students, free of charge through Middle Georgia State University, through a link at the top right corner of your main Office 365 email account. Macon Technical Assistance Center: (478) 471-2023 Cochran Technical Assistance Center: (478) 934-3319