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College students normally experience many changes during their time at school. The pressures they experience may result from such things as academic, social, emotional, career, developmental, financial, or spiritual concerns and can lead to many types of feelings, such as confusion, anxiety or depression. Counseling is a process by which students receive assistance from trained, experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the types of problems students may face. Through talking with a caring individual, students may learn new strategies and skills for coping with their problems. Through "solution focused" counseling, students may develop an increased satisfaction with life. 

Counselors assist students in developing personal awareness so that they may identify problems, define strategies and goals, and develop the skills to reach those goals.

There are instances where, after the initial consultation, a counselor may provide a referral to an outside resource such a psychiatrist, specialist, or hospital for additional or primary treatment. Examples might be persons who are violent, suicidal, addicted to drugs/alcohol, suffering from a severe eating disorder, or require medical intervention. Referrals to off campus sources of treatment are available to any student who might prefer to seek out other helping professionals.

Typical Counseling Goals

  • cope with anxiety or depression
  • develop a positive self-image
  • learn to trust others
  • managing problems with food or nutrition
  • the need to share with someone in a time of crisis
  • develop healthy interpersonal relationships
  • discover personality styles
  • managing family difficulty
  • reduce anxiety or panic reactions related to social anxiety
  • heal from a loss
  • relationship counseling
  • heal from past or present abuse
  • explore issues around sexual identity
  • control addictions or habits
  • learn anger management skills